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Adam got me an awesome Wacom Tablet for our anniversary this year so that I could try a little digital drawing, inking, etc., I tend to prefer traditional mediums (y’know paper, pencils, pens, etc.) but I really really hate scanning (especially with my scanner)…and drawing on a Wacom…well, it eliminates all scanning.  So, win!

Anyway, here’s my first pass at a little inking of an old sketch on the Wacom.  Good times.  Let’s hope I get better with practice.  You’ll note that I didn’t ink any of the truly hard stuff…hands, feet, y’know things with details that take a precise hand.  It’s how I roll.

Other favorite presents this year?  I got lots of great stuff including a Jeffrey Brown journal from Adam with Jeffrey Brown style kitties all over it:

Adam also got me some sweet new boots and from my parents a much needed replacement “fit and fast” blender for making fruit protein shakes as mine crashed and burned after about 20 uses this summer (hopefully this one is built to last0, a few great books (one I read yesterday – go me!) and a check that will hopefully be paying the bulk of my March rent if I’m still out of work.  That one is the least exciting, but sadly the most necessary.  It was a great haul of presents all around (hopefully I gave as well as I got).  Though, as the first year that I didn’t go home for Christmas, I have to say I would rather have seen everyone than have gotten anything at all.  Next year perhaps.

So everyone is doing their “best of the decade” lists and apparently I’m no exception.  Though the Aughts (also known as the 2000’s) were horrible in a lot of ways for the world – or at least for the US (Bush years, ongoing wars, September 11th, massive recession and economic meltdown) there were also some great things and going through my list of films that came out from 2000 – 2009…it was a VERY strong decade.  So strong in fact that I can’t bear to just post a Top 10…so I’m doing a Top 25.

As usual, keep in mind that there are many movies I have not yet seen that might have made the list but just didn’t have a chance because I haven’t gotten to them yet…notably missing off the top of my head are:  The Wrestler, The Cove, 35 Shots of Rum, Revanche, Wendy and Lucy, and Synecdoche, New York.

I’d also like to offer up honorable mentions to the following:  The Station Agent, Ballast, Police Adjective, Friends With Money, The Savages, Syriana, Children of Men, Monster’s Ball, Michael Clayton, Go, Lovely & Amazing, Requiem For A Dream, Irreversible, Brodre (Brothers), The Incredibles, and Dead Man’s Shoes.

Okay, onto the list!

25. The Dark Knight

24. Dogville

23.  Movern Callar

22.  The Departed

21.  Brick

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Check out my latest CSBG column on She Has No Head! – a review of the Detective Comics/Batwoman arc this far.  The post is called, “The Superhero Comic I’ve Been Waiting For”…you think maybe I like it?  :)

Check out my dialogue with IDW Editor Mariah Huehner about Marvel Comics new GIRL COMICS on CSBG.

A picture of our first Christmas Tree.  This is the first year Adam has “allowed” me to get a tree.  And though he seemed not so keen on the idea, I have to say he’s enjoying it as least as much as I am…how could you not?  Look at it!?!

From the latest issue of The New Yorker…I totally feel like that Santa Claus is me, all curmudgeonly and ready for payback.  Or maybe it’s just been one of those days…

The latest She Has No Head! column is up on CSBG.  It’s Marvel v DC this week and it’s all about context.

Thanks to everyone that sent in their postcard.

We more than met the 600 required postcards by the October 31st deadline and today Dan Didio honored his promise and announced that in the new year Wonder Woman will get renumbered to #600 moving forward.  Nice work fans.  See?  Sometimes things do change. Almost never…but occasionally.  So pat yourselves on the back and get back to work on the next thing… :)

Find the right female positive comic book for everyone on your holiday shopping list with this week’s ‘She Has No Head!’ Column at CSBG.

So this is Part Two in a series of posts detailing what I’ve learned about writing and publishing over the past three -ish years on my road to finishing my novel and working with an agent and eventually trying to get published.  For Part One, go here, and make sure to read about how I’m totally not an expert and check out all the helpful links that can educate FAR more than I can.

With that out of the way, I’m going to tell you my story, for my novel and what my experience has been.  That doesn’t mean it’s everyone’s experience, or that you should expect it to go similarly for you, but it might at least be helpful in reading about how the process has been working for me.  This installment is primarily about AGENTS.

I finished the first totally complete draft of my novel in January of 2007.  I had been working on it (among other projects) off and on (and while working full time – and picking up my life and moving from Los Angeles to New York) since sometime in late 2004.  Many people can do it faster than that.  I hope my next one will come faster but that’s how long it took me to get my first novel to “the end”.  And to top everything off this draft was short to boot.  Clocking in at only 55k words, a length that is “technically” too short for most fiction, even YA (young adult), but there it was.  Complete.

So I started the process of having a few people read it.  As this was my first time finishing a novel I didn’t have any beta readers.  A beta reader can be defined I suppose as someone that doesn’t have a personal investment in you (like your boyfriend, best friend, parents, siblings, etc.) and it’s usually somebody that is also either a writer or an editor, or at a minimum a voracious reader.  Though I find you’re better off with the former as their notes tend to be more focused and the critique more intensive.  So though I didn’t have beta readers technically, I did have some amazing people in my life that were writers and artists that I hoped would be able to separate their affection for me from their ability to constructively critique the manuscript.  This sort of worked and after getting feedback from three or four friends I embarked on revisions.

I finished the revisions in April of 2007 and sat on the new manuscript for nearly four months.

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