Oh Hey Look! Rogue Is In Russia…

Rogue must be guest starring in in the new Black Widow book, because I came across this cover of her in one of my comics this week and….Oh, wait…nevermind.  That’s just Black Widow, wearing the same unzipped to her stomach bullshit that Rogue wears now.  Silly me.

Bonus points for the Black Widow costume being unzipped to her stomach while she’s out in the SNOW in RUSSIA trying to be a spy that is not noticed.  Yeah, women totally do that.  ALL the time.  Jesus.


  1. eatyourchildren’s avatar

    I think the REAL mistake here is assuming these outfits actually zip up past the point they are currently at, or possibly that a zipper is involved at all. Appearances can be deceiving when talking about clothing that doesn’t actually exist, as worn by fictional and unnecessarily overly-sexualized persons.

  2. kseverny’s avatar

    lol. comics do seem to be running out of true originality

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    eathyourchildren: Good point. Although I have to say, even if the costume not actually being a functional zip was something they were intending (which I doubt) that is also SUPER ANNOYING. And SUPER DUMB. :)

    ksevery: Honestly…you just nailed what bothers me most about it. I hate the unnecessary over sexualizing of characters and all that ridiculousness, but on some level it’s just the lack of originality that kills me. Are we really this lame and predictable?

  4. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    Ironically, I was at an office Christmas party last night and someone was sporting that look…but not pulling it off…

  5. Kazekage’s avatar

    Eeesh. Even with the egregious boobage that’s not really a well-thought out costume. The scarf feels a bit superfluous and what the hell are the pouches all about? I thought we were past that.

    I understand that the status quo for her character has changed, and this is a way of having her be more open, but one would imagine, after a long period of having little to no physical contact, one’s immediate reaction to it wouldn’t necessarily be to let the girls loose.

    It doesn’t really feel that well thought out–her more enduring looks–the full-body suits informed you of certain character traits–there was an element of “look but don’t touch,” which, for most of the time I read X-Men, was as serviceable a definition for her character as any. This is, by comparison, really generic. Not much thought in it beyond the obvious.

  6. ghostink’s avatar

    SAY, wait a minute.

    Black Widow has almost ALWAYS had that costume.

    Rogue, now….She’s gone through a few costume changes.

  7. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Ben: Yeah, it’s a pretty unrealistic look for the non-superhero population at large.

    Kazekage: Totally. I can get on board with Rogue feeling freed now that she’s got her power under control – like maybe she’d finally want to stop wearing gloves 24/7, I know that’d be my first step…my first step would not be unzipping my costume to my navel just because I can. Ironically here her costume is unzipped, but she’s wearing arm length gloves.

    Also, you’re right…WTF is up with the pouches?!

    ghostink: Sure, Black Widow’s had that costume forever, but she hasn’t had it unzipped to somewhere underneath her boobs. Ridiculous.

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