First Christmas Tree

A picture of our first Christmas Tree.  This is the first year Adam has “allowed” me to get a tree.  And though he seemed not so keen on the idea, I have to say he’s enjoying it as least as much as I am…how could you not?  Look at it!?!


  1. TK42ONE’s avatar

    “Allowed?” I’m almost afraid to ask, but distance is making me brave….why no trees before?

    For me, I miss the real trees of my childhood. My wife is allergic so no more fresh pine smell. Boohoo.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Well that’s why it’s in quotes. He doesn’t really tell me what to do of course, but this is a partnership and we tend to make decisions like this one together. Until this year he was always able to talk me out of it…usually the fact that I wasn’t technically going to be in NYC for Christmas day was enough. This year, I’m not getting to go home to see my family as I’m going home with him to visit his family, so I think he less motivated to try talking me out of it because he knows I miss my family and wanted me to have something to make me extra happy.

    It’s gorgeous. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I have to say ours doesn’t smell much though…pretty much the first day and then more :(

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