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So Adam has been drawing a lot lately, especially on his tablet, and I’ve been envious.  It’s no secret that drawing has taken a back (WAY back) seat for me over the last year as my novel has become my primary focus and writing in general (for CSBG, this blog, and a handful of other things) has become my secondary focus…but I miss drawing.  And I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get it back into my life in a practical and productive way that won’t eat up all my time.

Adam’s recent AWESOME drawing of us has inspired me to get serious about it.  Oh, um…NSFW?  Too late?

Anyone who knows us knows that Adam has been (wisely) very kind to me and as usual very unkind to himself in this depiction – but I love it anyway.  I wish I was that cute…in cartoon form…or any form!

Anyway, the awesomeness of Adam’s drawing has inspired me to try a new blog project that will both get me drawing again and also help me to work on my new tablet skills.  So the new Sketch-A-Day feature will be just that, a sketch every day (Monday through Friday) posted on the blog and created either on the tablet or by hand in a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum 60 minutes (I’ll be focusing on the tablet to see if I can hone my skills on it, but there will be some traditional non-tablet work done as well).  I’ll try my best not to draw only sexy curvy girls, as that is pretty much my default setting when I sketch…but no promises.*

So we’ll see how it goes. The Sketch-A-Day posts will start on Monday, February 1st.  See you then!

* It’s important to note up front that NOTHING I do will look as good as what Adam has done here.  For two simple reasons…1) Adam has always been and will always be a far better and more naturally talented cartoonist that I am and 2) Adam took WAY more than an hour to do this.  So lower your expectations already!

You can see it live blogged here.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  I suppose I can’t afford it right now regardless of how I feel about it.  It interests me most as an e-reader, as I think that is the direction publishing is headed (unfortunately in some ways, fortunately in others) and I’m not wild about the Kindle and Sony E-reader that currently exist.  This looks like a step up in that regard…it’s kinda big though…

Update:  They haven’t gotten to anything specific to e-readers yet…well, they did just show a pretty good looking New York Times…

Okay…here we go…ibooks…looks WAY better than The Kindle

Oooh.  You can change the font.  That’s a nice feature.

Wow.  $499 for the iPad.  Honestly…that is…not bad.  I  was thinking it would be a lot more.  I still can’t afford it…but that’s a pretty impressive price point for what seems like a pretty broad spectrum of functionality.  Plus it’s pretty.

Update 2:  Here’s a link to a video of the iPad in action.  At the end it shows the ibook application.  Again, a huge step up from Kindle and Sony by the looks of it…but where are the comic books…?  Until we get there I think I’m probably an admirer rather than a buyer.  Because you know as soon as buy this a new one that works (or works better at least) for comics and trade paper backs will release…

Thanks to Jeremy Whitley at The Weekly Crisis for putting me on his list of 6 Things Not To Hate This Year.  I feel in good company with the other women on that list.

Check out Jeremy’s post, and if you’ve been dragging your feet on catching up with that I’m doing over on Comics Should Be Good, now is the time to pick up and dive in.

New post up on my She Has No Head! Column.  Check it out.

Here are the “rules” for this new series of posts.

And we’re off…

I don’t read The Brave & The Bold, but this makes me think I should be.  It just looks fun – and the women being featured here, who often get sexed up to the nth degree, just look like awesome female superheroes, nothing more or less.  I’m not sure why it’s all men unconscious on the ground…but it makes me curious enough that I’m picking this up.

*SIGH* This cover pretty much sums up how I feel about the new Stephanie Brown Batgirl series – there’s nothing really wrong with it, but there’s nothing interesting or inspiring about it.  If it weren’t for my column at CSBG I wouldn’t be buying this book…it’s just so awesomely mediocre.  I miss Cass.

This is a pretty dynamic cover and since I’m already buying this book it’s an easy decision with this cover to keep it up.  I don’t love the kind of Tom Raney look to it, as Raney’s style is not one I love, but it’s still a nice cover.

I continue to be less impressed with this series than everyone else, but I continue to buy it because of my column, and in the hopes that I’ll come up with something profound to say about it, for good or ill.  I also continue to hate the art, and this cover is a fine example of what I hate about it.

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This is a new feature I’m trying out since my world has become all COMICS! COMICS! COMICS! lately.  I’d like to do it monthly…but we’ll see how it goes.  How is that for commitment phobia?  I’m basing these sentences of mine on the solicit cover images only – not taking into account the solicit text that comes with them…since that tends to make things worse I’ve found, instead of better.  I’ll try to be funny…but no promises.  It should also be noted that I’m primarily focusing on covers that feature female characters.

If I see a great cover that I want to acknowledge that doesn’t have a female character, it could show up here…but mostly it’s going to be tracking how well the ladies are represented.  Since Marvel is having its “Year of Women” in 2010 (the “event” kicks off in March) it’s going to particularly interesting to see how they do.  My prediction:  Not so well.  But prove me wrong Marvel, I’d honestly like nothing more.

Tune in tomorrow for 2010 April DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less.

We all know how much I fucking hated Marvel Divas - inside and out (but especially out) but this is GORGEOUS.  I will buy the hell out of this and hope that the inside is as good as the outside.

I’m still not clear on why Black Widow suddenly ALWAYS unzips her costume, which used to pretty much always be zipped up (maybe it’s a biting commentary on the issue of global warming?) but this unzip is less offensive than the Acuna version, so I can’t be too complain-y.

For the first time in my life I’ve become pretty interested in She-Hulk.  Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be caught dead buying this J. Scott Campbell horror show of a cover, so no money for you Marvel.  Maybe they’ll release it with a variant cover…?

As those of you who have been following my take on the Girl Comics controversy know, I’m pretty excited about this book, despite the ridiculous name.  Add to that a Jill Thompson cover?  And…SOLD!

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I really liked S.W.O.R.D. – it was certainly the most original book I’ve seen come out of Marvel in a long while.  A nice breath of fresh air.  I thought of doing a giant post about why it’s a shame that this book couldn’t make it, of course adding my layman opinion on why things like this prove that the comic book industry is pretty doomed independent of the digital age…but Greg at CSBG did it first (and way better), so I’m just going to link to him instead.

And this was the advance cover released for issue #5 (the final issue) – the cover is completely awesome – which makes everything feel like an even bigger damn shame I say.

New She Has No Head! column up on Comics Should Be Good.  Check it out.

So we just cruised past 300,000 hits here on 1979 Semi-Finalist, and it’s kind of a big deal.  Not that 300,000 is some magical number or anything, but a mere 6 months (ish) ago, in July 2009, we celebrated the two year anniversary of this blog – and the fact that we were closing in on 150,000 hits…that’s right, in a little over six months the traffic to this blog was more than what it was in the first TWO YEARS.  And that is some mother fucking progress!

So I wanted to offer up a huge thanks to all of you that have made that happen – and to encourage you to stick with me here – as we’re only going up it seems!

Someone uncork the champagne, you all know I’ll use any excuse to drink some champagne (more accurately, an entire bottle)!

The girls have offered up their congratulations below…and maybe it’s just me, but their enthusiasm seems a little…uh, well…begrudging…if not full on sarcastic.  I mean…look at that sign!  Pitiful.

Then again, maybe they’re just punishing me for using them to continue testing out my Wacom Tablet…clearly, it’s going to take me some time to get better at using it…I may have to find some other less grouchy guinea pigs…

There’s cause for celebration in my house (alright, fine…apartment) tonight and now that Variety has picked it up, I can talk about it.

CBS has ordered a second season of The Good Wife.

The Good Wife, which is not only a great show (a show that has become my most looked forward to hour of television) is also the show my boyfriend works on.  So, double good news.  Yay!  After a horrific week last week, and now getting sick, I’m ready for all good news all the time!  Bring it on!*

*In case I was at all unclear, bad news need not apply, we have no openings for bad news.

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