She Has No Head! – What About Coveleski?

New column up for She Has No Head! on CBR’s Comics Should Be Good.  Check it out.


  1. Puckett’s avatar

    Great column. You might also want to check out “Weird Fishes” by Jamaica Dyer ( and Nate Powell’s “Swallow Me Whole” for stories along similar lines.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks Puckett – and thanks for stopping by (both here and there). Weird Fishes was on my radar but not Swallow Me Whole – thanks for the recommend!

  3. Puckett’s avatar

    You’re very welcome. “Swallow Me Whole” is just extraordinary – it was nominated for an Eisner … last year, I think? It deserved the nomination although I don’t think it won. And “IKG” was just … words, kinda fail me there.

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