There’s Just No Room In The World For A Green Haired Half Alien And Her Lover Man Beast…It’s A Damn Shame.

I really liked S.W.O.R.D. – it was certainly the most original book I’ve seen come out of Marvel in a long while.  A nice breath of fresh air.  I thought of doing a giant post about why it’s a shame that this book couldn’t make it, of course adding my layman opinion on why things like this prove that the comic book industry is pretty doomed independent of the digital age…but Greg at CSBG did it first (and way better), so I’m just going to link to him instead.

And this was the advance cover released for issue #5 (the final issue) – the cover is completely awesome – which makes everything feel like an even bigger damn shame I say.


  1. Tom’s avatar

    Personally, I’m quite happy to have the chance to read a single, self-contained story with some great art and a clear sense of what it’s doing. I don’t need every comic to become a 200 issue franchise with all that that implies.

    They say “cancelled”, but let’s be honest. It’s a 5 issue mini-series that they marketed as an ongoing to improve sales and generate buzz.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Tom: It’s true that there’s something wonderful about a great self contained story – and comics don’t do that enough as far as I’m concerned. But being cancelled doesn’t feel the same as ‘this is the completion of story x’ y’know? And from reading things said by both the writer and artist, they really seemed to want to keep going…which makes me mourn a bit from what we’ve lost in the cancellation.

  3. Puckett’s avatar

    This was one of the very few ongoing Marvel books I read in a monthly form, and one of the few Marvel books I was reading, PERIOD.

    As a guy, just for a moment, green hair? TOTALLY hot. And Lockheed missing Kitty Pryde? Who knew the little dragon had so much in common with Wolverine, especially in the way they both fail to deal with grief and loss? 😉

  4. Puckett’s avatar

    On a side not, I REALLY hope Marvel does a Wolverine / Lockheed mini someday because they both seem SUPER protective of Kitty Pryde. Besides. It could be funny. 😉

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Puckett: Yeah, as I said in my comment on Greg’s CSBG post “and my Marvel pull list dwindles to 3”

    They’re going to get more of my money come March (etc.) because of their “year of women” promo and because I write a column about women in comics, but the reality is that will be very temporary money they get from me…and my pull list will continue to be itty bitty (and always falling).

    As for green hair…I always kind of liked Polaris and wasn’t sure why…maybe it was the green hair?

    Lockheed missing Kitty really illuminates how much comics miss those opportunities for “real life” scenarios…I don’t remember much fall out after Kitty disappeared…a casual mention here and there…but that’s it. Lockheed holding on to her and missing her really shines a light on how much comics tends to screw that stuff up. It’s sweet – and feel real.

  6. Puckett’s avatar

    Well, I’ve liked Dragon for ages … maybe it goes back to Kitty Pryde’s Fairy Tale? Just wish they hadn’t tossed S.W.O.R.D. away so fast. I already printed out my comment letter – just need to send it :)

  7. ramiro’s avatar

    great book…

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