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My post about the hilarious new animated version of The Ricky Gervais Show is now up on Best Shows You’re Not Watching.  Check it out.

New She Has No Head! post is up on CSBG.  Check it out.  Thanks!

I don’t know how I missed this…but if you love Adult Swim and want to watch and vote on some great matchups, head on over now.  There are currently four matchups (although voting has already closed on the first one), and after four winners have been picked the four will go to the semi-finals.  One winner will emerge triumphant and that pilot will air on Adult Swim March 22, 2010.

Interestingly enough, Adult Swim has matched up more traditional animations (though these animations are anything but typical) against more live action, or live action mixes.

As this is ADULT Swim, you should note that these are not cartoons for kids.  The clips are not child friendly, and are geared towards adult themes.

My good friend, and super talented (not to mention all around great guy) Ross Campbell is auctioning off a few original pieces of artwork on Ebay.  Check it out soon, and get in on the bidding.  Good luck – both to Ross and any bidders!

My review of the premiere episode of HBO’s new series How To Make It In America is up on Best Shows You’re Not Watching.  Check it out.  Thanks!

New column up for She Has No Head! – check it out.

I know you’re all sitting at your computers hitting refresh over and over and going, “OMG. Where is Sketch-A-Day?!?!” (except nobody is doing that) so I’m here to tell you that Sketch-A-Day is dead.  After a brutal one week trial period, I’m giving up and evolving it into something that I hope will work better…SKETCH-A-WEEK!

The reason for the change is primarily that I just don’t like broadcasting my ineptitude as an artist so publicly…and on a daily basis at that.  However, the whole point of the experiement, was to be educational (for me) and about making sure that I was doing at least a little drawing every day and to possibly slightly entertain you, my dear readers.  So the new plan is this…I will continue to sketch for no more than an hour every day (Monday – Friday) and I will post only one of the sketches from that week…on Fridays.

Of course if in one week there are several good sketches I’ll consider posting those…but that seems unlikely given last weeks output.  :)

New She Has No Head column up at CSBG.  A review of Mark Waid’s mini-series The Unknown.

Something Funny

I subscribe to The New Yorker, it’s one of my few genuine splurges these days, and every week without fail I read the short fiction selection and all the cartoons.  I generally also read the tv reviews, movie reviews, and play reviews if they appeal to me and the Shouts & Murmurs section.  And the rest is a how much time I have/how interested I am crapshoot.  Which is a shame because almost every article I’ve taken the time to read in The New Yorker has been wonderful…but sometimes they’re so long and involved…I just don’t always have the time.

Anyway, all that to say that I ALWAYS read all the cartoons.  And they’re generally pretty enjoyable…if not out and out funny, but this past week (the 2/8/10 issue) I found a lot of really great ones…here’s my favorite of the bunch by Zachary Kanin:

Sketch A Day 005

Learn more about the rules of and inspiration for Sketch-A-Day here.

What is it: Keeping in the Psylocke theme.  It’s Psylocke.

How long it took: 24 minutes start to finish

How many sketches I did today: 2

Total time spent sketching: 49 minutes

Materials used: My Wacom Bamboo tablet and Photoshop.

Other notes/details: I did two of these drawings, and this “final” one I used the other as a base for…so it was a little like inking over a sketch, but the sketch was done in Photoshop on the Wacom.  The goal today was simply to do a drawing of an entire character, rather than just the parts I like, like hips and waists, or heads and shoulders.

What I like about it: It’s okay.  I like the face okay.  It’s funny there are things that are better about this one than the base sketch, and there are things about the base sketch that are better.  If I could combine the two I’d be a lot happier.

What I dislike about it: The posing is a little silly.  I’m still skipping out on details like hands and feet.  And it would be easier to tell what was going on in the complicated posing if it was colored.  The legs are not in proportion to one another (and are very long…even for comic superheroines).

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