The Evolution Of Sketch-A-Day…

I know you’re all sitting at your computers hitting refresh over and over and going, “OMG. Where is Sketch-A-Day?!?!” (except nobody is doing that) so I’m here to tell you that Sketch-A-Day is dead.  After a brutal one week trial period, I’m giving up and evolving it into something that I hope will work better…SKETCH-A-WEEK!

The reason for the change is primarily that I just don’t like broadcasting my ineptitude as an artist so publicly…and on a daily basis at that.  However, the whole point of the experiement, was to be educational (for me) and about making sure that I was doing at least a little drawing every day and to possibly slightly entertain you, my dear readers.  So the new plan is this…I will continue to sketch for no more than an hour every day (Monday – Friday) and I will post only one of the sketches from that week…on Fridays.

Of course if in one week there are several good sketches I’ll consider posting those…but that seems unlikely given last weeks output.  :)


  1. Puckett’s avatar

    Well, I was actually enjoying the sketches – everything is a work in process.

    And don’t worry too much about about being inept … I mean, you TOTALLY have it all sorts of all over Rob Liefeld when it comes to drawing feet … 😉

    Yes, gentle teasing (even if it is also true). But seriously, I was enjoying the sketches and seeing the evolution of the ideas.

  2. TK42ONE’s avatar

    You were drawing a comic everyday?

    I kid, I kid, I enjoyed it while it lasted. So post more when you can, we’ll survive on the scraps you throw our way.

  3. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    You should do a panel a day…like me…well its more like a panel every three days…but whatever. As long as you are drawing and it satisfies that itch…then all is good. (wow how 1990’s of me).

  4. ross’s avatar

    hahahaha!!!! kelly!!!! you suck, what the hell! XD

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