Adult Swim Matchups

I don’t know how I missed this…but if you love Adult Swim and want to watch and vote on some great matchups, head on over now.  There are currently four matchups (although voting has already closed on the first one), and after four winners have been picked the four will go to the semi-finals.  One winner will emerge triumphant and that pilot will air on Adult Swim March 22, 2010.

Interestingly enough, Adult Swim has matched up more traditional animations (though these animations are anything but typical) against more live action, or live action mixes.

As this is ADULT Swim, you should note that these are not cartoons for kids.  The clips are not child friendly, and are geared towards adult themes.


  1. Puckett’s avatar

    How can you not get excited about a cartoon featuring T-Pain and Neko Case?

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Yeah, did you watch it? It was CRAAAZEEE. And funny. I’m sure tons of people taking it too seriously run the risk of getting offended…but I thought overall it was really hilarious and well done…despite my general dislike of computer animation :)

  3. ross’s avatar

    i think these shows are way too cool for me. :(

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: Really? I totally thought you’d be into the Neko Case one.

    Personally I don’t like the live action ones much (which is true to form for me with Adult Swim – I don’t really watch any of their “live/non-animated” shows).

    I turned off the Bacon and Snake one part way through and I felt there was too little there to really judge Southies, but I liked it better than what it was up against. I felt similarly about Neon Knome.

    However Soul Quest Overdrive delivered the absolute biggest laugh for me with the line “I don’t understand the symbolism!” Awesome.

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