Woo Hoo! Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic! Color Me Happy!

I don’t know…Heralds seems like cause for celebration.  Kathryn Immonen writing?  YES.  Tonci Zonjic interiors?  YES.  Emma Frost?  YES.  Agent Brand?  YES.  Monica Rambeau?  YES.  Valkyrie?  YES.  Hellcat?  YES.  She-Hulk?  YES.  A non-J. Scott Campbell non-sexist cover solicit to kick us off?  YES!!!!

Please don’t screw this up Marvel, because currently?  All signs point to YES.

Update: As mentioned by commentors Maddy and NB…the name of this book is also a success, though it was a close call.  Heralds is respectable and even makes some actual sense considering the concept.  Her-alds, or HERalds, would have been a disaster.  It’s one more close call to congratulate Marvel on.  I’m getting more excited about this by the moment…


  1. Maddy’s avatar

    I was going to say, “Wow, looks like they finally managed to kick the habit of gimmicky titles that somehow point to the book being female-centred!” And then I realize it’s called “Heralds.”

    But still, definitely looks like a big step up from Marvel Divas!

  2. NB’s avatar

    What’s the problem with Heralds? At least it’s connected to the storyline of a lost Herald of Galactus coming back to live.

    Now if it was Her-alds or even HERalds, … :)

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Maddy & NB: Yeah, I think they actually dodged a bullet on the title – Heralds without any fancy schmancy capitalization or hyphens is completely fine…add in some tricks and we’ve got yet another eye rolling “title for the wimmins”. But they dodged it…so credit where credit is due!

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