Things Made Of Awesome: Venture Bros. Edition

Adam’s and my financial situation needs to start looking up, because we are going to NEED these.  ALL OF THEM.

Bif Bang Pow! is coming out with a line of Venture Bros. Action Figures AND at least Three Venture Bros BOBBLEHEADS.

There’s not a ton of information out there yet, but it sounds like the Bobbleheads are scheduled to debut this Spring 2010, and the Action Figures will arrive in the summer of 2010. Definitely click here to see Bif Bang Pow!’s 2010 Toy Show Action Figures Album…which includes great images of The Monarch, Dean Venture, Brock, Dr. Venture, Number 21, and Number 24.

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  1. brian’s avatar

    MEGO style was the wrong way to go with these if they want to make the license worth having. Even if it is more in tune with the aesthetics of the show, they should have done action figure style figs first to test the market for venture toys, then done the MEGOS as a second or third string. I will not be happy if/when the lackluster sales of these prevents future venture toys/merch.

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    @ brian – I couldn’t disagree more. My first feeling was more in line with your thinking, that the MEGO style was off. However, I think that not only do they look cool, but they are so in tune with the aesthetic of the show that they must be MEGO style. (In interviews BBP! has said that other styles of action figures could come later.) I don’t believe a stiff sculpture style (Todd McFarlane toys) style figure would sell better than the MEGO figures. The market for Venture Bros. figures isn’t going to shrink much, if any, by the figures being MEGO style and regardless of what type of figure you release, there will be complainers. These figures look cool and will sit proudly in my home. LOOK AT THE MONARCH!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!!

  3. Puckett’s avatar

    I’m not much of a toy fan (honestly, there are only a SLIM handful of things I’ve thought of picking up, especially that Seven Samurai set from a few years back), but if I were going to buy something – and I very well might pick these up depending on cost – I’d prefer to have something with a significant number of points of articulation – the McFarlane stuff just sat there. I’d rather be able to make them fight each other. (Side note: Don’t forget the weapons, guys!)

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