Zombies Are Coming…OMG! It’s Totally Happening!

That’s right, AMC has officially picked up The Walking Dead, the Frank Darabont adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s fantastic apocalyptic zombie comic book – The Walking Dead.  I’m officially WAY too excited about this.  I’m going to need to bring my expectations down to realistic levels.

In case you missed it (and I’m totally talking to you Darabont!) check out my casting picks from a couple months ago.


  1. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    I haven’t read far enough into Walking Dead (I’ve read the first 24 issues in those big-ass hardcover editions) to really know if those objecting to Nathan Fillion are correct, but I think he’s probably too busy with Castle to be in it. Sorry, young lady!

  2. ross’s avatar

    i think i said this last time but mmm, tracie thoms…

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Greg: You’re right – I didn’t realize TWD would happen so fast – I can’t believe it’s on tap for fall 2010…crazy. I was thinking Castle might be dead by then…but sadly no, looks like Fillion will be unavailable.

    Ross: Did you say “mmm, Tracie Thoms” as in “no”, or “mmm, Tracie Thoms” as in “yes”? :)

  4. ross’s avatar

    “mmm, tracie thoms” as in Homer Simpson’s “mmm, [something]” as in she is SMOKIN’.

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