James Jean & Fables

Wow.  Thanks to following James Jean on twitter (@processrecess) I saw this pretty amazing Fables commercial that’s apparently been running on BBC America.  James Jean’s visuals are somehow even more badass in this format, which is…unexpected.

You can also watch it here on the Vertigo website.

And if you don’t know about James Jean…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Learn more now.  Even though he’s largely moved away from more commercial work toward fine art, and sadly no longer does the Fables covers, he’s still one of the most amazing artists working today.

And if you don’t know about Fables…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Learn more now.  And here’s a cool list I did for She Has No Head! about Ten Women Of Fables.


  1. ross’s avatar

    James Jean is one of those artists who’s so good it makes me want to give up. XD

  2. Hutch’s avatar

    I saw that commercial on BBC America last week.
    I think it is a great idea and way overdue for DC to be doing something like that with their Vertigo line.
    They should be running commercials on Lifetime and Oxygen for some of their other Vertigo titles (Unwritten, Y The Last Man, perhaps Madame Xanadu, and maybe American Vampire).

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: he is one of those artist…but to help keep it in perspective…you’re also one of those artists (to others like me). :)

    Hutch: I haven’t been lucky enough to see the actual add yet as I haven’t been watching much TV lately, but I agree…GREAT WAY to get the word out.

    I know television ads are expensive…but why are more great books (with great visuals like this) not advertising just like this including “available in bookstores and comic book stores everywhere” and “read the free chapter/preview online at blank now” This is a GREAT way to get out the word about comics to people that don’t otherwise realize some of cool shit out there. And like you said, it’s easy-ish to target kids/women/men whatever through specific channels based on the audience for the book. I think this is brilliant. Time will tell I guess whether others will get on board or not, or if it will pay off.

  4. Shannon’s avatar

    Cool TV spot. I had to share that one facebook. Hopefully it will convince people to borrow some Fables books from me. I love Jean’s art. I bought a print from his site in September…looks beautiful hanging on my wall.

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