A Fictional Comics Female A Day In June – Rogue


  1. Skye’s avatar

    OMG you can tell she has boobs even though they’re not falling out! How is it possible?!

  2. ross’s avatar

    awesome! her waist is the same width as her neck! XD

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Skye: My thoughts exactly. Zip it up Rogue!

    ross: First of all, c’mon, it’s a little bit bigger. Secondly…five minutes from thought to finished product…something’s gotta give…here…it was the waist… :)

  4. Skye’s avatar

    If her waist is the same size as her neck, she’s still doing better than poor Psylocke.

  5. Skye’s avatar

    I meant Psylocke in general, not your Psylocke, who is obviously a massive improvement on the usual Psylocke we get.

    (Just had suddenly realized I was sounding horribly rude. I just had finished that Psylocke miniseries where she goes to Japan but really it’s about Wolverine, so I had her tortured physiology from that back cover of the trade on my mind,)

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