A Fictional Comics Female A Day In June – Zealot

Here’s what this series is about, if you’re curious!

So we’re at Z…we’re all done.  And don’t listen to Ross who will tell you that a bunch of letters were missing…he’s crazy…he doesn’t know how to spell…I mean who really NEEDS A, E, H, I, T, V, X, or Y?  Especially when you have two D’s and two R’s…BABIES that’s who!

Today: Zealot aka Lady Zannah of Khera


  1. ross’s avatar

    YES! Zealot!
    still can’t believe you skipped all those letters, so many good characters you could have done! 😉

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Listen Ross…only BABIES need the whole alphabet…what are you a baby!?!?! :) Kidding!

    For the record I had both Amanda Waller and Atom Eve for A…and both drawings sucked.

    I had Elektra for E, but it just didn’t quite work, which was a bummer, I love Elektra.

    For H it was Harley Quinn and the drawing was HIDEOUS, capital H.

    For I it was Invisible Woman…and I just did a blank card with a text balloon saying “hee hee”…very clever of me, I know! :) I probably should have used that one.

    For T it was Tank Girl…but again, TERRIBLE, capital T.

    For V it was Valkyrie and it wasn’t bad…but I dropped her in lieu of someone else because I had one too many since I was just trying to go through the end of June.

    X I was going to to do Madame Xanadu but didn’t have time and for Y I was going to do Yukio, but just didn’t want to…couldn’t think up another Y…

  3. ross’s avatar

    “only BABIES need the whole alphabet…what are you a baby!?!?!”

    haha, i laughed out loud at that! XD

    EXCUSES, EXCUSES, that’s all i see here! 😉 nah, it’s cool. you totally should have posted that Invisible Woman one, that sounds awesome. X should have been X-23, though! if i was running this mess of a show, i would have done Angel Salvadore for A and Venus Dee Milo for V since i don’t know who Valkyrie is. >: )

    i got sucked into a totally nerdy stereotypical 5-way nerd conversation at the comic shop today, it was pretty fun. except, as usual, i was the party pooper guy: from “Pixar sucks” to “the only good Batman is Michael Keaton” to my stock response “i’ve never heard of/not familiar with that/them” used to respond to 85% of what the the other nerds were talking about. like who the shit is Reactron, you know? i don’t know! i don’t know anything about comics, leave me alone!

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: You laughed? My work here is done! Going back to bed.

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of X-23 for X…although I was excited to try Madame Xanadu…just didn’t get there.

    Angel Salvadore would have been good for A, but I really wanted to do Amanda Waller…just wasn’t up to the task.

    Well if it’s any consolation I don’t know who Reactron is either. And you draw and write comics for a living and I write about them…so let’s just pat ourselves on the back and be done with it :)

    What’s wrong with Pixar? I mean, I know the complaints about not enough female protags etc….but anything else?

  5. ross’s avatar

    no, nothing specific about Pixar, they don’t SUCK (but sometimes you have to be incendiary in those comic shop settings) i’ve just never really liked any of their movies, for varying reasons for each movie. i remember liking Toy Story 2 pretty well, though, and i haven’t seen Cars, Ratatoeoiielelee however you spell it, or Up, so maybe i’m not coming at it with a full deck.

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