She Has No Head! – Wonder Woman #600: A Lot Of Promise, Not Enough Delivery

A new SHE HAS NO HEAD! is up, a detailed review of Wonder Woman #600.  And yes, I talk a bit about the costume.  Woo!

A Jamie McKelvie designed Wonder Woman that, for my money, is hands and feet above the Lee re-design. It's effortless and modern, streamlined and clean. But it still FEELS Wonder Woman


  1. Puckett’s avatar

    Love McKelvie’s art. LOVE it. Plus, totally sweet costume design. Also, no shoulder pads. Total win.

  2. Mortenzen’s avatar

    Totally agree with Pucket on the shoulder pads issue… :) That McKelvie design feels just right. Simpler yet sexier than her new “official” outfit.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Puckett: Yeah,me too. This costume is total win…and very close to where they landed design wise on the new look…but so much better.

    @Mortenzen: Yeah…we’re all a giant agreeing fan club right now. :)

  4. Tanner’s avatar

    I really cannot see what exactly makes this “Wonder Woman” if you took away the sword and lasso I would’ve seriously had absolutely no idea who this was.

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Tanner: Even with the boots and the W logo and the “bustier” and the bracelets?

    Do you like the new Jim Lee design? Does that seem “Wonder Woman” to you?

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