Cliff Chiang and Birds Of Prey…

As if I needed further proof that Cliff Chiang IS the perfect Birds of Prey artist, I came across this awesome Chiang Black Canary drawing.  Oh to live in a world where Chiang draws BoP…so delicious…


  1. Puckett’s avatar

    I love his pencils. Confident, strong, sexy and yet not offensive or pandering. Looking at this, it reminds me of some of Tim Sale’s art, maybe a bit of Darwyn Cooke.


    Why can’t more comics look like this and less like Rob Liefeld’s pouches, muscles, and one-legged heroes standing on tip-toe?

  2. skyekilaen’s avatar

    Can we get his address, ’cause I will totally go over there and ask him.

    Oh wait, that would be creepy.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Puckett: Totally. Those really are the words – confident, strong, I’d say clean or crisp as well. And yes, his ladies always look and feel sexy without a lot of overt male gaze (or any most of the time). He makes that fishnets and bustier costume look both gorgeous and practical.

    @Skye: Maybe if we see him at cons we could hassle him. I’m hoping since he recently finished Greendale that we’ll be seeing more of him on regular titles soon…maybe someone out there will hear our pleas and give him BoP.

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