Panel Of The Week – 8/23/10

As I’ve mentioned on She Has No Head! recently, I’ve been struggling with mainstream comics lately, feeling burned out and frustrated.  In an effort to see the silver lining, I’m going to try to pick a panel every week that stands out and makes me deliriously happy in its awesomeness.

This week’s winner (by a long shot) is: Valkyrie, guest starring in Avengers Academy #3, and proving that not only should she be a guest star more frequently, but that she deserves her own ongoing series.  I would buy the hell out of a book in which Valkyrie shows off her hilarious badassitude with regularity.  So fun.

Despite the awesomeness present however, this panel helps prove that Valkyrie desperately needs a new/revised costume…as the metal boob craziness doesn’t work, even in Mike McKone’s capable hands (er, that came out wrong).



  1. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    Great minds, indeed. Any panel with Valkyrie speaking in that issue could have made it. Too bad she’s only in a few of them!

  2. kfugrip’s avatar

    You have become a total Valkyrie fan.

  3. marvelsmartass’s avatar

    Could not agree more, Kel. I have always loved this character, and the dialogie is terrific … but impossible to take from someone with iron boobs.

    So, in 5 minute (maybe 3 more for good measure) style, here’s a little bit of a re-do on Brunhilde …

  4. Mitchell Craig’s avatar

    Totally agree with you on this one.

    As for a wardrobe change, I wouldn’t mind seeing the return of the white and gold outfit Val sported during her stint in the Defenders.

  5. Simon Jones’s avatar

    I’m tempted to say something about her metal boobs, but I won’t because that would make me look shamefully shallow.


    Okay, I admit, I am shamefully shallow!

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