She Has No Head! – Mourning The Loss Of Another Creative Team

A new She Has No Head! – about the Black Widow series thus far as it wraps up its first arc and loses the fantastic creative team of Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna.


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    1. Commenting here to avoid trolls.

    2. As I read the piece, it occurred to me that:

    A. All the reasons you like the Black Widow series are the same reasons you should catch up on Secret Warriors.

    B. Didn’t Swierczynski also do Immortal Iron Fist? Because if so, that was TOTALLY epic and didn’t really have many tonal changes regardless of who was writing, and that guy followed Fraction and Brubaker who had teamed up on the book. Following Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker, working together? If the guy can hold his own there, I’m not horrifically worried about whether he can handle Black Widow.

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