NYC v LA Round 4: Green Living

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So I thought I’d do a pros and cons for each of the cities (NYC and LA) based on 15 categories of my choosing – i.e the kind of things that are important to me about a place that I chose to live. For example, since I don’t have any children, so you won’t see “education” on the list, but I do love to eat sandwiches, so “food” will definitely be on the list.

Keep in mind these are MY pros and cons…pros and cons that I have come to after living in LA for five years (2000 – 2005) and then living in New York for five years (2005 – 2010).  This is intended to be a fun (and funny) list, and is not to be taken seriously, but I hope some of you, especially those of you who have lived in both places (or experienced them) will enjoy it. Come back tomorrow for Round 5.


Because LA is so beautiful and has so much nature in it and surrounding it, I’d be inclined to give the advantage to LA, but the reality is, if only because I don’t own a car and generally commute by walking or mass transit (and yes, sometimes, too frequently, by cab), my PERSONAL environmental footprint is much smaller in NYC than it was in LA where I commuted via car from Studio City to Santa Monica five days a week.

I miss my car.  I sometimes cry for my car.  However, it’s cheaper, faster, and more earth friendly to live in NYC and travel by train, bus, foot, and occasional cab ride.  And whenever I’m missing my car too hard, I try to remember that hour long commute from work every day that had me ready to gouge my eyes out with cupholders by the time I left LA in 2005.  Sometimes (okay, often) the subway is inconvenient and a pain (and there are rats! Aggh!), but the car was sometimes too (well, no rats)…in addition to being an expensive liability

In both LA and NYC I recycled and did my best in other ways to be green, although I certainly do more now than I did in 2000 to 2005, if only because times are changing.  But the reality is that the car is that thing that really makes the difference, and as much as I love it and miss it, I can admit that it’s better for the rest of the world that I don’t have it. The goods news is that if/when I move back to LA, they’ve made great strides (not enough, but still great) in automobiles and I can get a Hybrid for a semi-reasonable cost that will be much less harsh on the environment.  Still, Advantage:  NYC



  1. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    I agree, but would point out the home and the products you buy are more impactful then transport. Another reason I wish it was SF not LA.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    True. But since I didn’t have a home in either location, but an apartment. My LA space was larger (much) but I didn’t have to do as much to heat and cool it. I think my awareness on products – from organic local food to cleaning supplies and beyond is better now, but I can’t necessarily credit that to NYC but more time and also advancement of environmentally safe products. NYC still wins out I think overall.

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