DC Logo Ladies Version

I talked about this at length with DC Women Kicking Ass yesterday, and then came across this great ladies version of the DC 75th Anniversary logo today via Geektress.

I don’t know that I would have picked Black Canary – I think I’d go Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Supergirl, and perhaps…Catwoman.  Regardless the choice of using the tights (since Canary doesn’t have a logo) is pretty inspired from a “recognition” point of view as she’s instantly recognizable, but I have admit that I’m not wild about the idea that a character is recognizable via fishnets…that seems like a bit of a step backwards…but this is the reality we live in!

Anyway, I was going to do my own version…but I’m not sure I can do a better one than this (and who knows when it will shop up) but this has inspired me to at least try.  We’ll see!


  1. Nick Marino’s avatar

    yeah that is pretty sweet. i wouldn’t have gone with Canary either… but her fishnets make for a pretty awesome silhouette and a nice way to break up the big blocks of black (well, in this case, blue). i understand from an artistic POV, even if i don’t think of her and her threads as the most iconic that DC has to offer. i guess Catwoman would have been recognizable by the ears and tale, right?

  2. Allie’s avatar

    It’s pretty frustrating that we can’t seem to get a character of color into either logo. (I’m pretty sure that Batgirl is meant to be Babs, yes? And much as I’d like the Green Lantern in the other logo to be John Stewart–first GL in my heart, thanks to the Justice League cartoon–I expect he’s meant to be Hal, with the movie coming up.)

  3. Brenda’s avatar

    I actually think the silhouette idea (on the original graphic) was partially so screenprinting was easier, but also so that there isn’t any race attributed to the logos. By putting them in shadow and only pulling the emblems forward you’re able to include everybody. (John Stewart is my fave, too, so I just choose to believe that’s him.)

    Also I messed with the female graphic again so that Batgirl’s cape wasn’t cut off. I think I’m honestly done messing with it now.

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Nick. Yeah, I also think with catwoman, because of the googles/big eye holes, there might be a way to do it that way, that in combo with the ears will work…I’ll see what I can do. :)

    @Allie: I actually think that Batgirl above kind of looks Cass to me – since there’s no hair out the back which both Babs and Steph have…which would give us a woman of color in that version. Although I’d opt probably to use Batwoman in mine, which would set us back again. :( But otherwise, yeah, I agree. It really shines a light on how ridiculous it is – for both logos for it to be all “white” – it’s embarrassing.

  5. Nick Marino’s avatar

    good point, the goggles would be reflective, so that could be reversed out. is she still in that costume? for some reason, i thought she was back in a more classic cat suit. maybe i’m just confusing that with the recent Nicieza/Maguire story which was in the past.

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Brenda: Thanks for stopping by – love your logo.

    @Nick: As far as I’m concerned that’s Catwoman’s costume FOREVER. :)

  7. ross’s avatar

    they should have had Power Girl and had her boob window in white with blue cleavage, bwahaha! 😉

  8. Puckett’s avatar

    1. Agree with Ross on PG.

    2. Izzat Black Canary or Zatanna? Only partly kidding because Zatanna, theoretically, would be wearing a coat with tails.

    3. What about the Huntress mask? Silhouette not recognizable enough, or character not sufficiently recognizable?

    4. Big Barda? Same problem as Huntress?

    5. Soranik Natu? Same problem as above?

    6. You could populate this with Batwoman / Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, one of the many female Green Lanterns, one of the female Flashes, Mera, Speedy … hell, you could damn near do an all-female version of the JLA.

    So … y’know … why stop with four? 😉

  9. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: Yeah, that will totally be what I draw for my version. /sarcasm.

    Puckett: Yeah, I think the coat with tails would definitely delineate Black Canary from Zatanna…but you’re right that it’s a bit too generic to be “iconic”.

    I’d say both on Huntress. Not recognizable enough – silhouette and character.

    Big Barda for comics fans I think would be instantly recognizable…but as a character and for people looking for iconic…no.

    I don’t even know Natu? Whozzat?

    I only stop at four because I have limited time! :)

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