Panel Of The Week – 9/13/10

I cheated this week and picked a couple…but I have really good reasons, I swear.

First of all, this…from Batman & Robin #14:

And am I wrong?  No, I’m not.  It’s crazy f’ed up panels like this that make The Joker one of the greatest villains of all time.  Also, look at Damian all trussed up and painted like a clown…hilarious and also horrifying.  Awesome stuff.

And this, also from Batman & Robin #14:

It’s panels like this that make Batman the single greatest superhero of all time.  Look at the that silhouette!  A-MAZING.  And I don’t deny that Bats is my favorite and thus I’m totally biased…but aren’t all we comics geeks unreasonably crazy for certain characters?

But this, from Batgirl #14, which is a double (triple?) cheat, because it’s a page, not a panel, also deserves mention.  I’m a fairly vocal non-fan of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and I don’t love the book, but I continue buying it because I think it’s an important book to have out there for girls and women – and in the hopes that I will manage to fall in love…eventually.  I also think Bryan Q. Miller IS actually doing a pretty great job finding Steph’s voice.  Case in point, this page, which is executed perfectly.  I’m not always crazy for Garbett’s art but I think he nails Steph in panel 3.



  1. ross’s avatar

    that’s a pretty good exchange with Supergirl and Stephanie, heh. at the same time, i don’t know much about Stephanie Brown at all but i think this is probably why i could never get into her: her bra SHOULD have a bat on it. but i could definitely get into Supergirl because she thought to ask that question.

    why is Supergirl ripping up that perfectly good sweater, though? she doesn’t seem to be in a rush, shouldn’t she just slip it off and save the money she’ll be spending on a new one?

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: Yeah, it’s one of the better scenes I’ve read in the book (though the book is not bad, I’d say Miller has well captured Steph’s voice – it’s definitely the strength of the book in my opinion.

    HAHA to Supergirl ripping up that sweater. You’re totally right. Those superheroes – they’re SO DRAMATIC!

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