Shameless Self Promotion – Twitter Version

Wonder Woman says:

I haven’t been dedicated about trying to build my twitter…but I think maybe it’s time to get serious.  Follow me on twitter and I promise…nothing…except that I only twitter if there’s news/new posts or if legitimately think I’ve got a shot at being reasonably funny.

Give it a try…you can always drop me if it doesn’t work out…although in truth I hate that…so if you’re not sure maybe you should just stay put…hmmm…this didn’t go as planned.  Regardless!  Follow me on twitter! 79semifinalist.

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  1. ross’s avatar

    maybe i should get a twitter.

  2. sheena’s avatar

    This is such a lovely blog!

    Would you want to trade links?? Plzzzz add me and buzz me!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ross: you should…I’d follow you for sure. :)

    sheena: thank you. I try to only have links on my page that are related to 1979 semifinalist content. but thanks for coming by.

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