Woohoo! Toys!

Despite my comic geekiness I’ve never really been into statues/figures – or really toys even – except for maybe the occasional awesome plush (so cute!).  I don’t know why…I mean, it’s a good thing because I have just about zero dollars extra cash lying around – and less than zero space for such things.  HOWEVER – you knew there was a however coming, right? – I recently bought some awesome Venture Bros. stuff for Adam from Entertainment Earth and in the process found myself getting drawn into some great stuff.

First, the Venture Bros. stuff I got was AWESOME (and these are just the bobble heads!)

From Left: Brock, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, The Monarch. Not pictured: Dr. Orpheus - who is awesome, but had a broken finger, so had to be returned/replaced

Second, I did a mini-shopping spree for Wonder Woman gear, of which I’ve had none until now, including a Wonder Woman plush

to match the Batman plush I got for my birthday in June.  I also go a great mug, and a business card holder, which is awesome.

Third, I’ve never bought a figure or statue in my life – and usually – though they’re sometimes cool looking – don’t really get the appeal, that said, this Black Canary statue is the best statue I’ve ever seen.  And if I was ever to buy a statue this would be it.  It’s just a great representation that really FEELS like Dinah.  And unlike most statues of female superheroes she’s really not objectified here at all – the costume is zipped up, the boots are badass but flat, the posing is strong and cool rather than sexy and come hither.  It’s a home run as far as I’m concerned.

Another thing I really found myself wanting to buy but resisted?

Joan Holloway from Mad Men:

Very cool.  But I stood my ground.

Me vs. Things I Can’t Afford?

Me: 1

Things I Can’t Afford:  0


Of course…I did buy those Wonder Woman things…hmm…let’s just move on!


  1. Ben Cohen’s avatar

    That I’d all pretty freken awesome. Preticulerly because the vanture bro and mad men are the best shows, maybe ever.

  2. dcwomenkickingass’s avatar

    I really, really want that Joan Barbie doll. Thank goodness for birthdays. I also have the Batman plushie but I waiting to match him with the Catwoman plushie.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Ben: Yeah…they are pretty epic. Only show better than Mad Men and Venture Bros? The Wire…but I don’t think I want ‘The Wire’ toys.

    DCwomenkickingass: Yeah…me too. I was a little put off by the fact that I read that Joan’s xtra curves (which are slight, but there) are actually padded undergarments, rather than an actually slightly larger body, which makes sense, but is a huge bummer. That was the turning moment that kept me from HAVING to have it to just wanting it real bad. :)

    I liked the Catwoman plushie…but decided I could only have one more plushie and preferred the Wondy…so Bats and Wondy will be my couple 😉

  4. Bill Reed’s avatar

    How is there not a Billy Quizboy bobblehead? It would even be in proportion.

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