Wonder Woman

I meant to include this Wonder Woman drawing I stumbled across a while ago by Zachary Flagg Baldus in the “Wonder Woman Compilation” on my Superheroine Fashion post for She Has No Head! on Monday…but missed it.  So here it is on its own, and totally worthy of standing alone by the way.  Stunning.

Zachary Flagg Baldus' Wonder Woman, which totally deserved inclusion in the compilation. Love it!

Wonder Woman Compilation From The 9/20/20 She Has No Head! Click to Englarge.



  1. Puckett’s avatar

    That’s pretty much total epic win.

  2. Puckett’s avatar

    Also, I REALLY want to see Lucy Knisley do a Wonder Woman book for kids someday. Look at how awesome this is:


  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    OMG. So great that Lucy Knisley. If it’s possible to bid online for that I’m totally doing it. Did you see Robot 6 picked this up as well? Nice catch! :)

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