She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project, Part 1

A new three part series began today on She Has No Head! called the Ladies Comics Project in which I got a bunch of ladies – those familiar with comics and not – to read a comic book and tell me what they think.  Head on over to CSBG and check it out!

Update:  Some really nice coverage of the post by The Beat.  Thanks Heidi!

A gorgeous piece I commissioned for this project from up and coming artist Tara O'Connor

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  1. Puckett’s avatar

    Heh :) Next time you do a project like this and need a 9-year-old’s opinion, let me know :) Also, Carissa probably would have jumped all over this 😉

    Great column and I love how much traction it seems to be getting – especially at the people on Twitter who keep retweeting it :)

  2. optionalplayer’s avatar

    That’s a great idea, and a great project you have there.

    It was pretty darn neat. I’m sure you could really, really expand on it and come up with some sort of major thesis or something.

    Way to go!

  3. oroboros’s avatar

    I hope to finish my graphic novel project one day and submit it for women readers as well. My main character is female, but I don’t intend to make her the typical object of the male gaze. She is assertive, no damsel in distress, and makes her own decisions. Tho there are a couple of fan service-style of butt shots here and there, the story is serious & the art is realistic (or so they tell me) :)

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Puckett: I totally would have asked Carissa, except for originally I thought I was getting girls and women that really had no exposure to comics and that turned out to not be really accurate. If Carissa’s interested I would love to have her take part in the second phase – which will be probably in a few months – and will be of graphic novels or trades. Let me know if you think she’d want to.

    The column went over awesomely – it’s the most happy I’ve ever been about a piece on SHNH. Everyone really seemed to get behind it.

    @optionalplayer: Thanks! It really turned out wonderfully, entirely thanks to the ladies that participated. Make sure to tune in to part two and three over the next two weeks. It could totally be an awesome thesis…if only I was in school or had any free time. :(

    @oroboros: Hmm…fan service-style butt shots kind of undermines the first half of your comment..but I’d certainly be willing to check it out when you get there. Good luck!

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