If Any Of You Have Been Dying To Hear My Not So Great Voice…

Now’s your chance!

Nick Marino of AudioShocker very kindly let me guest star on his superfun weekly podcast with Wetmoon and Shadoweyes creator Ross Campbell and Nick’s his dulcet toned girlfriend Justique as they talked about X-Men The Animated Series, Season One, Episode 2 (we talked about other things too, but I was mostly there as the nostalgic counter point to tearing the animated series to pieces).

Part 1 went up today, and because I can’t shut up, there will be a part 2, going up on Saturday October 9th.  Check them out if you’ve been dying to get more of me (I mean, who isn’t?!).

Nick, Justique, and Ross are planning to watch and discuss the entire series (good luck dudes) and I’ll be popping in from time to time because who doesn’t want to be the “guest star”?


Ah, animated series Rogue, my first love.


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  1. optionalplayer’s avatar

    “You seem more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @optionalplayer: NICE!

  3. optionalplayer’s avatar

    Rouge had some of the weirdest analogies in that series

    If you skip ahead to 4:18, you can watch one of Rogue’s finest/weirdest screams. They were always so obnoxious.

  4. Brian’s avatar

    How cool. Talk about small world, I just saw Nick and Justique last night at the comic store. (Phantom of the Attic)

  5. ross’s avatar

    i’m already x-mened out.

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @optionalplayer: yeah, that was definitely a really overt attempt on the cartoon’s part to show her “folksy wisdom” :)

    @Brian: Thanks! I wish I had been at the comic store with Nick and Justique!

    @ross: Don’t you mean “x-MINed” out?

  7. Nick Marino’s avatar

    pssshh yeah! the comic book store with Nick and Justique was awesome!!!! first we stopped in the official Phantom of the Attic jacuzzi. after about 15 minutes, we decided to grab something to eat at the buffet. then i selected Klaws of the Panther and Deadpool MAX from the racks. after purchasing said books, we played some water polo with Brian in the pool. all in all, good times at the comic book country club.

  8. Brian’s avatar

    @Nick, hey man, did you happen to find a watch in the hot tub? I either lost it or Wayne “borrowed” it again from my locker.

    Looking forward to the golf foursome with you and Justique once they finish the Phantom Greens.

  9. Nick Marino’s avatar

    @B: yeah, i did find a watch… but i didn’t think it was yours. i mean, is this it?

    cause that’s what i found…

  10. Nick Marino’s avatar

    hahaha booo! the comment stripped out the picture of the watch:


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