Panel Of The Week – 9/29/10

Greg Burgas called this on his What I Bought post last week, and I really can’t disagree.  It makes me chuckle.


Puppets! Monkeys! Awesome!


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  1. Hutch’s avatar

    “It happens.”


    So what do you think of the price ‘drop’ announcement?

    Some people are calling it as a bigger quantity drop (which may be true) — but I have to disagree overall (which I commented on there).
    We’rr in an era where stories are being stretched far beyond what they need to be. I think the 20 page story will force writes to tighten them up a bit more, which overall will be better for the reader. Those two missing pages per issue won’t really be a loss (in terms of story). Sure, it is fewer pretty pictures to look at — but the story likely won’t suffer. And that is really the most important aspect.
    Perhaps this will also result in fewer of the double page spreads as well. That will definitely be a good thing as well.

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