Oooh. More Podcasting!

And in this one I’m sick, yay!  I also get to tell Nick, Justique, and Ross all about how Rogue was as dumb as the Warwolves on the old Jim Lee 9o’s trading cards.  Wooo!

And in case you were dying for it, here’s part II (or “episode 69” oooooh) from my first cast, which went up on Saturday:

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  1. Nick Marino’s avatar

    i’m so glad someone else knows who the Warwolves are. anytime i reference them, i just get blank stares.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    We’re alone in our awesome knowledge Nick. :)

  3. optionalplayer’s avatar

    I was not aware the Warwolves were on any trading cards. I only knew of them from Excalibur.

    I fail. And I’ll listen to the podcast soon, too!

  4. optionalplayer’s avatar

    That’s both ridiculous and awesome. Thank you.

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