Panel Of The Week – 10/13/10

Sometimes comics are just flat out pretty, like this gorgeous panel by Ryan Sook from Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #5:

But it’s also great when they’re adorable and funny, like this one by Javier Pulido for Black Cat #4:

In fact, seeing Spider-Man and Black Cat together, as a non-regular Spidey reader I can only ask…why oh why are these two not together?  I mean I know she’s a bit of an anti-hero and they have drama about which side she’s on…but that’s like the built-in spice you need for any ongoing relationship in comics (or anything serial).  I suppose it could be because Felicia doesn’t want to constantly bring him bad luck?  Is that it?  That kind of makes sense, I guess.  But these two have great chemistry…it’s a shame they can’t work it out.  Especially on the heels of Spider-Man getting somewhat forcibly paired up with Carlie…which most fans seem to hate. Like I said, I don’t regularly read Spider-Man (although I like him immensely and if had less books I probably would) but I’m not sure why publishers would force a character on Spidey as his girlfriend when so many fans hate it when there are so many other appealing options still out there…you can’t cater to fans every whim of course, but they are your readers…sometimes it pays to listen to what they DO NOT WANT.  Anyway, for the record I would read the hell out of a Black Cat ongoing…especially if written by Jen Van Meter, this book was lots of fun.

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  1. John’s avatar

    Return was just amazing. Not only for the art, but for best line Bruce Wayne has ever said: “Looking like a chump never went out of style.” The panel of him saying that is great too; love the smile.

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