Panel Of The Week – 10/20/10

A lot of good stuff to choose from this week, but I had to go with Batman & Robin #15 with art by Frazer Irving, because while I “diggs me some Dick Grayson scooting around in the kevlar pajamas” (to borrow from a hilarious line in Power Girl this week)…there is only one Batman to me…and that’s motherfucking Bruce Wayne:

‘Nuff said?

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  1. ross’s avatar

    haha, what’s with the icicle/icy word balloon, is this like Cold Shoulder Batman? isn’t everything he says cold and icy, but this is MORE icy? XD

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    ROooooosssss! He’s being SCARY. Jeez.

  3. ross’s avatar

    i’m sorry! see, this is what i mean, always raining on people’s parades, i can’t help it!! T_T

  4. John’s avatar

    OMG I loved this panel so much. I love the coloring, and the pose and how the cape flows. I’m so sad this collaboration is over. I could read Morrison/Irving Batman comic forever. Other awesome parts: the closeup of Damian screaming, and the Joker dancing with the corpse.

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