Panel Of The Week – 10/27/10

How can it not be this fantastic hilarious panel by Jill Thompson in the Hellboy/Beasts Of Burden one shot.  Pug isn’t my favorite Beasts of Burden character usually, but between Dorkin and Thompson for this one-shot he’s moved WAY up the chain.  Adorable.

But I do want to give an honorable mention to this excellent, surprisingly complex Matt Camp panel from Supergirl Annual #2. But I think this panel is more powerful in context, so I’m going to tell you that what Supergirl is looking at/reacting to is being in a museum in the 30th century that is showing how she died.  It was surprisingly impactful, thanks both to Gates simple words and Camp’s wonderful art – the emotion in her face, even the positioning of her hands, I think he just nailed it.

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  1. Skye’s avatar

    That second one is just lovely, wow. I’m suddenly interested in reading that book…

  2. Barry Deutsch’s avatar

    I’ve gotta disagree with your post; fun as the first panel is, the Supergirl panel is much more extraordinary. Both on the emotional level, and on the “damn I like the way Camp draws hair” level.

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