The Walking Dead Premiere

My review of The Walking Dead is up on The Best Shows You’re Not Watching.

I gave the episode more of the benefit of the doubt in this review (or didn’t go into as much detail), but if you’re curious why the show didn’t rile up my feminist hackles more strongly, I urge you to check out this week’s She Has No Head! column, which is about 10 Women Of The Walking Dead and talks a little more about those issues, both in the comics and the premiere episode.


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    The Walking Dead was probably one of the best post-apocalyptic TV series since Jericho. (And was better)

    You were spot-on with the stairwell scene and, unfortunately, the anti-women feel. It really made the relationship with his partner and wife ask oneself, “disregard the introduction to the show?”

    And I keep calling it a “movie” because, well, it felt like one. That, and I find it impossible to say “zombie” and “tv series” in the same sentence. It never has happened.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Yeah, that’s the thing that gets me about this show, and that i think is going to make it a monster hit (even if parts of it aren’t exceptional) it has just really never been done before…we’ve never seen anything like it. I think it’ll end up blowing people’s minds.

    I agree with you that it felt like a movie…which I think was also about the extended time and few commercials…it was pretty decompressed considering most movies can tell a full story in a similar amount of time, but I thought with the exception of the big problems (shane/lori/the anti-woman vibe) a lot was going right…and I hope they can (did) reorient the bits that didn’t work and kept all that did!

    Thanks for the feedback…I feel like nobody ever reads my tv reviews! :)

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    If you keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading.

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