Woo! Batwoman #1 Solicit!

Remember two seconds ago when I was saying comics give and then they take.  This would be the give part of that equation:


Mark your calendars!  February 23rd!

Not wild about how prevalent Bette Kane aka Flamebird seems in the solicit because that was the least interesting part of Kate’s Detective Comics arc to me, but I knew it was coming and I trust Williams III to do it well.  Don’t let me down man!  So excited.

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  1. ross’s avatar

    i don’t know about this whole Flamebird thing but oh man i hope it’s good. i liked the first one a lot but i’ll confess, i’m mostly interested in this new one because Amy’s on board (at least for part of it). 😉 she showed me some of her Batwoman stuff when i stayed with her in NYC and it was awesome.

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    I’m excited for Amy as well. I love her art, but I do wonder if it’s going to be a big adjustment after JH Willaims III…and I mean that because it’s hard to think of ANY of my favorite artists following him up and it not being a bit of an adjustment. Do you know what issue she starts on? I don’t know how long the first arc is…?

  3. ross’s avatar

    i think Amy has stuff where it’s just her and also stuff where she and Williams are working on the same pages together, it looked really interesting (i hope that wasn’t classified info or anything). O_o

    not sure which issue she starts in. :\

  4. John’s avatar

    OMG that’s such a beautiful cover. And I liked Flamebird when she was a regular in Firestorm. Congresswoman superhero. :)

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: Hmm. I thought it was straight Williams III for the first arc and then a hand off to Amy for the second so he could focus on doing the third (and still have time to write). But them together could also be totally awesome…so interesting! If it’s true it also might make it less jarring to jump between the two for arcs.

    @John: I know, right? I’ve never read Flamebird before (I don’t think) except for the little bits of her in Detective this past year. Was she a congresswoman? They must have revamped her pretty hard then…because I’m pretty sure she’s a college student…?

  6. John’s avatar

    *facepalm* I got Flambird mixed up with Firehawk. :(

  7. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    And speaking of comics giving (Comicsgiving, the holiday?), Castle Waiting vol. 2 has come out early! I’ve been notified by Amazon that my copy is on its way! So naturally I’ve pulled out vol. 1 to reread… :)

  8. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @John: That’s all right…the question is “are you still pleased with it then?”

    @Keith Bowden: I’m so excited about my Castle Waiting Volume 2…also on its way! And likely to be on the “female positive holiday gift list!” coming soon to SHNH. :)

  9. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Looking forward to that. And happy anniversary (SHNH) again!

  10. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Just got my copy of Castle Waiting vol 2; how stupid is it that they forgot to put Ljinda Medley’s name anywhere on the cover?! they rectified it with a little sticker on the back with the Fantagraphics Books logo and the line “story and art by L. Medley”. Needless to say the publisher’s logo is much larger than the author’s abbreviated name.


    The printing and binding are otherwise fine, and the content is brilliant, of course.

  11. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Sorry for the typo, I was typing too fast on my phone and not proofreading.

    Actually, Linda’s name doesn’t otherwise appear anywhere in the book… except in the very back, in tiny print in the copyright notice.

    Further apologies: missing credits is a sore point for me as my first lettering job was uncredited.

    Speaking of lettering, I miss Todd Klein’s lettering in the later portions of the book. The typesetting is cold. [I’m done, shutting up now.]

  12. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Keith: Thanks for the congrats.

    I haven’t gotten my copy of Castle Waiting yet…anxiously awaiting it though.

    So weird about the missing name on volume 2. More distressing, check this out:


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