She Has No Head! – My 20 Favorite Fictional Comics Females!

I did a really fun (though super time consuming) post over on She Has No Head! today for my one year anniversary writing for the site.

Check it out.

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  1. Puckett’s avatar

    Woot!!!! FINALLY!!!


    1. MY PTEROMEN!!! RELEASE MORE DROP BEARS!!!!1!!!!11!!!!1!

    2. Loved the Dick Grayson and Joker analogues in the Planetary / Batman cross-over. And how Elijah and Drummer teased Jakita about their fondness for her. And how awesome was it that “Jack Carter” turned into a mysteriously bald dude with tattoos who looked an AWFUL lot like … what was that guy’s name? Arachnid Bethlehem? Recluse Sinai? Something like that …

    3. Big Barda playing Pokemon. SWEEEEEEEEEET.

    4. I miss Jessica Jones in Alias too. :( I like Jessica Jones, not Jewel.

    5. What about Tara Chace? What about Deena Pilgrim? What happened to all the other women we emailed about?!?!?!? GAH!!!!!!! I HATE THESE LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( *sniff*

  2. ross’s avatar

    i commented! 😀
    thanks so much again. <3

    good list! i haven't heard of some of the ones on there but they seem cool anyway. i'm pretty interested in reading the old Cassandra Cain stuff but i imagine there isn't some neat, accessible collected volume of it, is there. do i have to go dig in back issue bins? :(

  3. optionalplayer’s avatar

    That was a wicked list. I am unaware of characters non-Marvel, non-Walking Dead and non-Scott Pilgrim related, (with DC characters aside, I just don’t read their comics), but that was such a well-written, in depth article!

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary in your article! That was an excellent read, and was really exciting to see other takes on characters I was familiar with – and ones I was not!

    Keep up the excellent work, as always!

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Puckett: You know I should have mentioned this in the column…but what is up with the name Jewel anyway? In addition to it being a kind of crappy superhero name to begin with it totally doesn’t seem like something Jessica Jones would pick…? Yeah, I’d rather have her back in Alias-style…but I guess I’ll take her any way I can get her. At least she’s being written by Bendis, so we know he loves her and cares about what he does and doesn’t do with her.

    What happened to all those other ladies? Only 20 can make it…that’s what! They are hard to do these lists. There was a point when I almost gave up because it was so frustrating. I did mention Tara and Deena in the “women it physically pained me to cut” section…and Tara’s the first name on that list. It was The Question or Tara for a long time there…and then finally it was The Question. :(

    @ross: Thanks for the comments! And for giving me Sparkle. I LOVE HER.

    The Cass Cain stuff is not SUPER accessible in that it’s in a few trades (sort of 8?) but except for a big weird gap it is collected. The good news is that if you’re only interested in the “good stuff” you don’t have to read to the end as it really falls apart as DC editorial gets in there and starts fucking with her and as her creative team changed and all the one year later bullshit. The other problematic thing is that the first trade can be hard to find/expensive. But otherwise they’re pretty available. I believe the names of the trades are as follows:

    Silent Running (Batgirl No 1-6)
    A Knight Alone (Batgirl No 7-11, 13-14)
    Death Wish (Batgirl No 17-20, 22-23, 25, Batgirl Secret Files No 1)
    Fists Of Fury (Batgirl No 15-16, 21, 26-28)
    Robin/Batgirl Fresh Blood (Batgirl No 58-59, Robin No 132-133)
    Kicking Assassins (Batgirl No 60-64)
    Destructions Daughter (Due out 22nd September) (Batgirl No 65-73)
    Batgirl/Ghost The Resurrection Engine (DC/Dark Horse Crossover)

    You’ll notice there’s a big 30 issue gap between Fists of Fury and Fresh Blood…I don’t know what happened there…maybe War Games and some other stuff? I can’t remember what issues those are, but I’d suggest starting with the first two or three anyway, as she was best (art and writing) at the beginning in my opinion.

    She was also in Batman & The Outsiders…and like a million other things, but start with that first trade if you can get your hands on it. :)

    @optionalplayer: Thanks! It took a wicked long time to do, so I’m glad people are appreciating it! :) Thanks for reading!

  5. Puckett’s avatar

    Just out of curiosity, did you pay attention to how many writers showed up on the list? Warren Ellis showed up twice for Rambeau and Jakita (as well as having a hand in Astonishing X-Men for Emma Frost), Greg Rucka showed up for The Question and Batwoman, etc.

    And why Jewel? Think about the time period that Jewel was supposed to operate in (i.e. mid-1980s or so) and the age Jessica Jones was supposed to be (i.e. late teens or so) … it totally makes sense that she would have picked a name like that, just as her reason for stopping super heroing due to the Purple Man makes sense as well, while also explaining the personality change from light-hearted and happy-ish (despite being coma girl and all) to grim and gritty.

  6. ross’s avatar

    d’ohhh. :(

    Amazon has it for about $30 though. i wonder if my comic shop has one laying around.

  7. Gomorrah’s avatar

    Excellent list. I know these things arise from a fascinating cocktail of personal experience, spectator draw, writers who have juggled a character, exposure, over-exposure, and many more, but I find our tastes align in quite a bit.

    There is only one tiny qualm I have with this –and none of it is with your choices! I am not of the “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!!” breed, thankfully. You are, frankly, awesome for having Renee on there, by the way. Anyway!

    I suppose my only qualm is your reasoning for propping Emma Frost on that list. Yes, yes, I know fandom has a strange and absurd binary whore/madonna complex between Emma and Jean, but I feel there was a way to describe your favorite character without putting another one down. Boring is a rather general and nonspecific term, and it could be debated forever on what interpretation of “perfect” Jean was supposed to represent — I agree that Emma/Scott is better matched with the man Scott is today (a man I no longer respect, but God do I love Emma). I do just feel, with the tone of your blog that I often read, a bit of surprise that you had to throw a pairing and a character into a negative highlight to prop Emma up. It was tragic that they took away Jean’s agency so many times, only to kill her off in the end because she was no longer of service to Scott Summers.

    Other than that, amaaaazing list :) Mine would have gone slightly different, but a good half of these gals on here would have made my own, and you certainly provide succinct cases for your love of each!!! Good taste, ma’am.

  8. Theoretical Shopaholic’s avatar

    Finally, a little respect for Valkyrie.

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