3 Chicks Review Comics Debut Episode!

It’s here!  My new podcast comics review venture with fellow lady bloggers Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass and Maddy of When Fangirls Attack.  Podcasts will be going up weekly via Comics Should Be Good – Tuesdays at 2pm.  Check us out now!

Special thanks to Nik Furious for the 3 Chicks theme.  And to Adam Greene for assistance on the 3 Chicks logo.

For more information you can also always visit the 3 Chicks Cast page here on 1979 Semi-Finalist.

Update: Some linkage on Scans_Daily and at DC Women Kicking Ass

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  1. marvelsmartass’s avatar

    Loved it! It was a fun way to pass an hour. And, fans, hang out after the credits. Scree! Scree! [Umm … I think those are bat sounds.]

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks Tim! You’re right about the after the credits…it’s my favorite bit!

  3. Nick Marino’s avatar

    yeah i liked the aftercredits too!!!

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