Cover Of The Week – 11/24/10

There were some really nice covers this week including Travel Foreman’s Black Widow #8, the lovely (and bittersweet) final cover to Madame Xanadu #29 by Mark Buckingham, and Jock’s very cool Detective Comics #871, but nobody could hang with J.H. Williams III and my girl Batwoman for Batwoman #0.  Bathe in the awesomeness:

Happy Thanksgiving to those Americans that celebrate it.  I mostly celebrate having two days off…which at this point in my life is a massive luxury.

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  1. Brendan T’s avatar

    As much as I love this cover, I actually prefer the variant by Amy Reeder. I could easily see either argument though.

  2. optionalplayer’s avatar

    That is a very awesome cover. It looks somewhat retro to me, however. Like, eighties-style. I cannot pin-point how I feel about it.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but when I see that cover, I think “Ghostbusters,” which is a good thing.

    But damned if I know why. . .

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Brendan T: The Amy Reeder cover is also awesome. I think if pressed I do prefer this one as the Kate face still doesn’t looks quite right to me when done by Amy (a bit too young still) but it’s beautiful though.

    @optionalplayer: I can see getting a retro vibe off of it. I have a harder time seeing Ghostbusters, but to each his own! :)

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