15, 060 words / 48 pages

Woo.  Still way behind with only three days to go, but it’s hard to feel bad.  I like what I’ve got, and I’ve written more this month than I have in an age, and this experiment has pushed me so hard to solve problems with the plot and world building.  Had I not done this I suspect I wouldn’t have worked on this book at all…instead I have a nice chunk (and hopefully maybe 10 to 15k more to come) and a lot of the world building and characters and plotting ironed out – which in pseudo science-fiction/post apocalyptic books like mine – is a lot of the battle.  So though I’m disappointed there’s not more by now, it’s still a hell of a start to the new novel…I think depending on where I end up I’ll try to keep this same attitude and finish a draft by January 1st, even though December is going to be part hell and part heaven from a busy/commitments standpoint.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep updating, at least through November 30th.  Tomorrow at least should be one more good day of words…maybe I can get to 25K.


  1. optionalplayer’s avatar

    How many words are you trying to get to (I mean, to be fully “done?”)
    Regardless, good luck to you on it!

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Well in theory it’s supposed to be 50k in 30 days (November 1 through November 30). I was hoping for 40k. Now I’m optimistic for 30k…we’ll see! And thanks!

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    I just know that I’ve tried pumping out a story in a short time and found it incredibly daunting. I’ve managed 15k in around a year, so you’re clearly on the right track by actually doing something about it. Procrastination is my enemy.

    But I mean, that’s part of the fun of being a writer, isn’t it?

  4. zylla2001’s avatar

    Congratulations on the progress you’ve made… Hope to see this when you finish and sell it!

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