Cover Of The Week – 12/1/10

Me: Hey comics?

Comics: Yeah?

Me: Skottie Young wiped the floor with you all this week.

Comics: Nu-uh!

Me: Yeah-uh.  Wanna see?

*shows all the other comics she bought, the cover to the completely awesome Ozma of Oz #2*

Comics: Oh.

Me: Yeah.

So yeah…the winner…in a massive TKO…no fucking contest…Skottie Young’s perfect Ozma of Oz #2 cover:

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  1. Puckett’s avatar

    In weeks when Skottie Young does a cover, should other comics even try?

    Wait … what if John Cassaday, Amy Reeder, Becky Cloonan, Brian Wood, Skottie Young, Paul Pope, Fiona Staples and James Jean all had covers out in the SAME week? Would your head just explode from awesome? Or would you actually be able to pick a cover?

  2. uthor’s avatar

    Skottie Young is totally in town for a signing tomorrow. Hells, yeah!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Puckett: Well, there are plenty of weeks Young hasn’t won Cover Of The Week – in fact I don’t think I’ve picked one of his covers yet – but if he’s going to deliver like this…nobody is going to have a chance 😉

    Relatedly…wouldn’t it be an awesome comics world if Young, Cassaday, Reeder, Cloonan, Pope, Staples, and Jean all DID have comics coming out the same week? Gods, I would probably collapse from happiness orgasm.

    @Uthor: Acme in Illinois? Lucky you. Bit of a drive for me. :)

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