More Alt X-Men…Pretty Yummy.

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From Left: Psylocke, Hellion, Sunspot (?), Jubilee, Storm, Magneto, Avalanche (?), Namor, Beserker (?), Gambit, Cannonball or Cypher?, Rogue, Cyclops, Colossus, Dazzler.

Some coolness about Age of X from CBR.

First off…Rogue looks AWESOME. Love the slightly punky old-school hair.

I could do without the Storm Savage Land get up, definitely, although, it bothers me less in context (the context being that we’ve got three topless dudes, which is honestly a little weird but seems more balanced than what we usually get).

However, that is the coolest Dazzler has EVER looked.  Looking that fucking hardcore I think I could finally like Dazzler…or at least tolerate her.

Namor looks great, though oddly young.

I don’t love Cyclops’ weird mask…but overall…everyone looks really interesting…except Gambit…why does he have the head of a slightly pudgy bratty twelve year old?  Plus the ridiculous hair.  Ick.

Oh, and in case you guys didn’t see it, here’s one of the other images which includes the above characters and more.  Pretty cool stuff overall…in the hands of Mike Carey and Clay Mann and with Rogue playing a major role, at least initially, I can’t even pretend to be above it and uninterested.

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From Left (at least so far as I’ve figured out): Gambit, Rogue, Magneto, Psylocke, Bezerker (?), Hellion, Wind Dancer (?), Sunspot (the image above suggests maybe not?), Dazzler, Warpath (?), Jubilee, Chamber, Frenzy, Cyclops, Colossus, Pixie, Storm, Namor, Avalanche (?), Cypher, and Cannonball.

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  1. optionalplayer’s avatar

    I’m somewhat excited for it. My only beef is that X-Men, although it has always kind of “part” of the series, is too much alternate universes in such little time. Then again, I have no idea what the Age of X is, so maybe I’m just entirely wrong.

    Regardless, the more Psylocke, the better.

  2. James Figueiredo’s avatar

    Dazzler does look amazing, doesn’t she? I feel a Lady Gaga vibe from her that I think suits the character (although, given the set-up of the story, may be just me). I love Rogue too, and HOLY WOW can regular Psylocke adopt those looks?! Also, one of the first things I noticed when I first saw this image was how many shirtless guys there were! Alas, no bears, but one can’t have it all! 😉

    I do hope Marvel releases the Olivier Coipel image as a poster, because that is one seriously bad-ass picture.

  3. Nick Marino’s avatar

    i like the inclusion of Avalanche! fun!!! overall, it looks like an interesting alternate-alternate reality (feels like alternate AoA to me). but it still makes me long for a more diverse X-Men lineup. i mean, yeah, there are some different backgrounds represented here I guess… Storm, Jubes, Warpath, Mags, Sunspot, and hmmm anyone else? but this feels diverse for early 80s X-Men, not for early 10s! at least the male-female balance is decent. but i’d personally like to see a more international lineup, not just for this Age of X story but in general. i feel like the white X-Men have really been given the spotlight in the past few years, in a sort of weird contrast to the extremely diverse past of the franchise.

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