Podcasting In Catsuits…

So there was a joke made on this past week’s 3 Chicks Review Comics Podcast about podcasting in catsuits (if you haven’t listened to the episode yet, do so now!)…and then Greg Burgas expanded on it in his What I Bought Column this week on CSBG…so I decided to do a little sketch for him to illustrate how TOTALLY TRUE IT IS THAT I RECORD PODCASTS IN A CATSUIT (and use my boyfriend as an ottoman to boot).  Enjoy!

*please note that objects in image are generally smaller than in real life…and that the above representation is in no way a reflection of reality…i.e. “these are the jokes people”.

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  1. Angela’s avatar

    Ok, I’m glad I waited and didn’t comment on Greg’s post since you don’t seem offended. When I read what he wrote about you, I took it as really creepy and it felt like he was trying to de-legitimize you and over sexualize you as a reviewer which felt skeevy. If you guys are friends that’s all cool and I don’t want to be the wet blanket. As an outsider though, it felt like a big “no girls allowed” sign.

  2. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Glad for the disclaimer. I was worried about your ankles in those stillettoes! (And your back, but I noticed the heels first.) 😉

  3. Greg Burgas’s avatar

    Angela: I did run it by Kelly before I posted it – not everything, but the catsuit and boyfriend as an ottoman part. I do hope you weren’t too angry – I don’t ever want to make anyone feel unwelcome, and I would only write something like that about someone with whom I have a good relationship. And I do with Kelly, even though we’ve never met!

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Angela: Hey! Thanks for the concern – I really appreciate it, but Greg is right, we regularly indulge in a little hyperbole over on his What I Bought column regarding my “crazy femi-nazi views” and it’s always done in fun and with a hyperbole that I hope makes it clear that we’re joking together. That’s actually why I did the little drawing, as I thought it took the hyperbole and really amped it up a bit…who on earth would dress like that for podcasting…let alone crime fighting!? :)

    We are indeed friends – and actually had a long discussion this very topic when I wrote about the Kate Beaton twitter thing (via Gabby Shulz’ comic)…which you can find here if interested.


    Greg has been really supportive of me on CSBG both privately and publicly…and I know he intends/intended for his mentioning of me to be in support of my position on CSBG, not to tear them down…however if that’s not coming across in tone to less regular readers…it’s possible we should think about how we’re doing it. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about Greg…or about me.

    @Keith: Yeah. But doesn’t it TOTALLY look like something you could run out and fight crime in after finishing a podcast? 😉 Ironically I TRIED to get the zipper lower and it was hard to even figure out how to draw it…it seemed SO unnatural. How do those guys do it?

    @Greg: Ditto to everything you said…although Angela’s reaction makes me wonder if we should be more careful. I thought there was enough hyperbole there to make it obvious…but if it’s not obvious to the casual reader…? I don’t know, I don’t want anyone getting the wrong impression of either of us…thoughts?

  5. Angela’s avatar

    Thanks, both of you for responding so eloquently. I think what got me concerned to the point that I felt I had to mention it was that it seemed so uncharacteristic for CSBG. And I will admit to possible over-sensitivity over what a girl comic fan looks/acts like. As a reader, retailer and reviewer I get weird reactions all the time. I had a guy lean over the counter to touch me once. He said it was to find out if I was real.

  6. Fey’s avatar

    Podcast in a catsuit? I don’t know why you wouldn’t. It’s clearly a practical wardrobe selection! But I can’t fathom how much money you have to spend on Armor-All to maintain its shine. No catsuit — in podcasts or crimefighting or villanous expoloits — should be without a proper sheen.

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