First Byline On My Beloved Jezebel…

That’s right, for my 20 Favorite Female Comics Creators of 2010, part one post, Jezebel has reprinted the article. Woo!

Part two will be up on Jezebel next Monday (as well as on CSBG via my She Has No Head! column, as usual at noon eastern).

So check it out everyone…as I’m such a huge fan of Jezebel this is very cool…in fact I’m trying not to squee myself out of my chair.

And thanks for the opportunity Jezebel!


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  1. John’s avatar

    Congrats! Wow, people love their Kate Beaton (me included) but no one seems to be able to read on Jezebel.

  2. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Congratulations, Kelly!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Thanks everyone. It was pretty exciting!

    @John: Yeah…shows you how few people actually READ THE ARTICLE. At least their enthusiasm was good!

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