Panel Of The Week – 12/8/10

This is, yet again, a bit of a cheat as it’s actually four panels…but in order to get the joke/feel I think you need them all.  This is from Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen’s New Avengers #7, which was filled with hilarious bits this week, including this excerpt which is about the Avengers talking about getting a paycheck and specifically Spider-Man realizing he can’t get one because he’s the only one that still has a secret identity and that the government can’t issue him a check.  I DO love Bendis’ Spider-Man…it always makes me think I should actually be reading Spider-Man.  Look at that gorgeous Stuart Immonen art…so fucking good!

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  1. ross’s avatar

    but didn’t spider-man unmask on TV a while back??? i don’t get it.

  2. optionalplayer’s avatar

    It was good that Bendis finally got to at least SOME continuity.

    @Ross That was true, yes. But recently, between Amazing Spider-Man #638-641 in a run called “One Moment in Time,” or “OMIT,” Joe Quesada showed us how the Marvel U forgot Spider-Man’s identity, thus fixing all continuity errors after that Civil War incident.

    And in my opinion, he did it extremely well.

  3. optionalplayer’s avatar

    And the banter between Hand and Spider-Man ruled. However, I felt like the “picking a nanny” segment was pulled straight from the first issue of the Avengers, which I thought was kind of lame. But Wong was a nice addition as the new Jarvis.

  4. Keith Bowden’s avatar

    Love Bendis. Always odd whenever Spider-Man is shoe-horned into a team, but Bendis rocks.

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross/optional player: Yeah, OP has it right Ross. Typical comics bullshit. But this scene was hilarious…all of it, which lasted several pages. :)

    @optional player: The picking the babysitter bit was my least favorite aspect of the book…also…I had trouble imagining who wants to be a babysitter instead of a superhero…when we’re talking about legitimate though in some cases D-list superheroes. Yeah, didn’t work so much for me.

    @Keith: Yeah, I agree that it’s weird when Spider-Man gets shoehorned in (I feel similarly about Wolverine being on this team)…HOWEVER, Bendis’ writing of those two characters has probably been my favorite (especially Spidey) so it’s hard to not like it. :)

  6. Shaun’s avatar

    I have mixed feelings about Bendis’s Avengers. My problem is that every team member has a smart snappy comeback ala Spidey and it feels out of character sometimes. Bendis is a great fit for Ultimate Spider-man because Peter Parker is a wiseass who engages in witty banter and constantly spouts wisecracks and one-liners.
    Otherwise, I loved this issue.

    Kelly, if you like Bendis’s Spidey, you should read Ultimate Spider-man. It’s been one of the most consistent books of the past decade. Miller’s Batgirl always reminds me of it, especially the way he writes Stephanie. Immonen is killing it on New Avengers. I loved Superman :Secret Identity and his art has come a long way from his Ultimate Spider-man days.

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