Cover Of The Week – 12/15/10

Easy win this week for Marvel’s Strange Tales II #3.  A bunch of hilarious giant headed Ivan Brunetti superheroes at the gym (and Spider-Man playing raquetball!) who can beat that?  Nobody, that’s who!

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  1. ross’s avatar

    what’s up with Wolverine’s hands? XD

  2. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Haha! Maybe he’s wearing protective gear on them so he doesn’t shred anyone while he aerobiciszes (sp?!). XD

  3. ross’s avatar

    they do look like some kind of gloves… is it possible Brunetti just doesn’t know how Wolverine’s claws look??? it says he’s American so i doubt that, but.. yeah… maybe it’s some kind of inside joke.

  4. optionalplayer’s avatar

    Due to your recommendations, I picked this up just today, unfortunately, and still have issue one and two on order. I’m sure none will disappoint!

  5. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: he probably knows and is just “going his own way”…those indie artists! damn them to hell! *shakes fist in a rage*

    @optionalplayer: YEAH! I’m so glad to hear when someone picks something up on my recommend – I hope you like them! Since they’re short stories and don’t tie to one another (or shouldn’t) nothing should stop you from reading #3 now…and reading #1 and #2 when they show! :)

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