Panel Of The Week – 12/15/10

Well, make that PAGE of the week.  And if you think I’m having trouble editing myself, know that I could have easily scanned pretty much the entire issue of Marvel’s Strange Tales II #3 and put it up for contention.  Great, great issue.  Kate Beaton knocked it out of the park (twice!) in her funny pieces, and everyone else brought their A game as well…but I couldn’t resist this page from Eduardo Medeiros’ piece (with an assist by Judy Leheup).  I tip my hat to you sir…awesome stuff.

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  1. optionalplayer’s avatar

    Juggernaut was adorable here.
    I was actually expecting you to put up the last few panels from the Rogue story. It was hilarious!

  2. John’s avatar

    That’s so funny.

  3. hellatoons’s avatar

    Thanks a lot Kelly!


  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @optional player: I LOVED that Rogue story, but felt I had to post so much for people get why it was so funny that it would “spoil” the bit/story.

    @John: It really is, can’t recommend this book enough. Great stuff inside.

    @hellatoons: Anytime! :)

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