Panel Of The Week – 12/22/10

Still catching up…my favorite panel(s) from 12/22/10…

Panel #1. A completely ordinary panel from Zatanna #8 by Cliff Chiang.  And it is the very “ordinariness” of it that makes it spectacular.  If only more comics could be like this!  Chiang’s attention to detail in the way Zatanna is rendered from her hairstyle down to her clothing choices (which also actually look like clothing – with real folds and everything!).  I wish this wasn’t extraordinary…but it SO is.  Also, for anyone out there listening…I would buy almost any book that Chiang was the regular pencilier on…bonus points if it has a female lead as he is EXTRA good at that.  Wonderful!

Panel #2.  Do I really need to explain why this panel from Yanick Paquette’s Batman Inc. #2 is totally awesome?  No, I probably don’t.  AWESOME.

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