Cass Cain Petition…sign now!

So my love of Cassandra Cain is well documented…check here and here if you need reminding or convincing.

And I’d like nothing more than to see her back in comics doing her thing on the regular again.  I’d personally like an ongoing, though I’d settle for a really great mini-series that rooted her back into our universe (and the minds of her ENTIRE FAMILY) and then some ongoing supporting roles in other books (Batman, Batman Inc., Red Robin, Birds of Prey, Batgirl…all of these are books with room – or room that could be made – for Cass Cain). Ideally I’d like Cass to be a Bat for the new enterprise that is Batman Inc., or alternatively for her to take up the Nightwing mantle or to come up with her own alternative persona as her brothers Dick, Tim, and Jason have and have her own book…but again, I’d settle for any path that began the effort to bring her back.

Regardless, if you want her back…go here now and sign the petition.  Let’s get a crazy insane number of signatures!

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  1. ross’s avatar

    i signed and it said i was signer #63. yikes.

    what if the petition gets a ton of signatures and DC takes heed, but then the new Cass Cain thing blows or does something damaging or stupid with her or even kills her off or something? D’OH.

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