Last Chance To Vote…

…on your favorite couples for the DC Favorite Couples Contest on DC Women Kicking Ass

Voting ends at 6pm (est) today.  So get over there and vote if you haven’t already.

My official ballot?

1. Bruce & Selina – It may be obvious, but it’s obvious for a reason.  LOVE IT.

2. Big Barda & Scott Free – I love their story, and their constant unwavering devotion.  Only in a world of a batman and a catwoman being in love are these two not number 1.

3. Kate Kane & Renee Montoya – Greg Rucka made this pairing more real and fantastic and desirable in a few pages than most characters ever get…they so belong together – especially now that they’re both capes!

4. Diana & Tom Tresser – I know it’s not popular, but I don’t care…I like it.  I thought Gail Simone did a fantastic job of making me believe in Diana’s attempt to find love…and what she did with Diana and Tom just really made sense to me.  I was pulling for them so much and was devastated when it didn’t work out.

5. Dick & Babs – Every time we get a scene with a writer toying with these two my heart races…will it finally happen (again…sorta…?).  I love these two together.

DC Women Kicking ass is naturally focusing on DC…but I was thinking today what my favorite Marvel pairings would be as well, so here they are…

1. Emma & Scott – I never liked the Scott & Jean pairing for a variety of reasons, and Emma & Scott just make some kind of crazy sense to me.  Also, though it seems weird to say considering that Emma is not exactly the most trustworthy hero in the world, but Scott just deserves someone that is really truly in love with him and not pining secretly for someone else all the time.

2. Luke Cage & Jessica Jones – Love it. Love it. Love it. Always have, always will.

3. Rogue & Gambit – There are many times in life that I hated this pairing, but it’s also the pairing that brought me the most crazy exciting DRAMA over the years, and though Gambit mostly annoys me these days…the 16 year old inside of me still loves it.

4. Colossus & Kitty Pryde – I never cared much for this until Whedon & Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men run, but what can I say…they really convinced me.

5. Beast & Abigail Brand. A brilliant Beast and a green-haired half alien?  What’s not to love?

Runner up:  Scarlet Witch & The Vision – I don’t read The Avengers regularly, but I’ve always like this pairing perhaps because it seemed to help Wanda move away from her sometimes unbalanced relationship with her twin brother, and perhaps just because, like Brand and Beast, it seemed unlikely…and I always want to pull for unlikely pairings.  :)

Nguyen's Batman & Catwoman


Also, if you’re still in a voting mood and haven’t yet voted on the Cass Cain petition…get there post haste and sign!



  1. ross’s avatar

    my pairings are Marrow & Cannonball and Angel & Beak.

  2. ross’s avatar

    OH! and Vivisector & Phat!!!

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @lovelyliller: Isn’t it? Love Dustin Nguyen.

    @ross: I don’t even know that last couple but I’m down for the first two!

  4. ross’s avatar

    Vivisector and Phat from X-Force/X-Statix, the two gay guys!.you call yourself an x-fan! 😉 aren’t you into Mike Allred too? he drew the shit out of that book.

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