Cover Of The Week – 1/26/11

Fables #101 came close to taking it this week but this Uncanny X-Men #4 cover by Esad Ribic is just too cool not to win.  It’s not PERFECT, but it’s very interesting to me with the shapes and movement and composition.  It also manages to, despite being a style that looks very stiff and slick to me, have great movement and energy thanks to the composition and patterns.

Ross made a comment a while back in cover solicits that this cover would be even better if Psylocke’s skin was lighter here because it would further re-inforce the pale colors and dark patterned shapes – and I agree – but it’s still very cool.

All these covers are pretty interesting actually, but this is my favorite that we’ve seen so far.


  1. ross’s avatar

    my past self is right on! it would look sweet if Psylocke had a black & white full-body ensemble, which would be super easy to fix, just color her skin areas white (except her head of course). voila.

  2. Maverickman874’s avatar

    I don’t if you are reading Uncanny X- Force but Remender’s writing and Jerome Opena’s art has been stellar. Opena killed it in issue 3 with the origins for the last horsemen of Apocalypse. Remender’s put together a very ‘rinteresting team by including Deadpool and Fantomex. Can’t wait to read issue 4.

  3. optionalplayer’s avatar

    Really? I loved the origins of each Horseman. The book has been brilliant each month.

    I loved the cover, too. It really sets the mood for the book well.

  4. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @ross: Your past self is SO right. And I agree…that a full black and white ensemble would be much preferable to just lightening her skin a bit as I originally suggested.

    @Maverickman874. Unfortunately I only have issue #1 and #4, so I’m trying to get my hands on #2 and #3 before I start reading. I’m kind of excited though. I really like Fantomex. The rest of the characters are a funny hodgepodge to me of characters I really like, or don’t like so much, or are overexposed (Wolvie, Deadpool, I’m lookinatchu!) but in the right hands I’d be interested in any of these characters stories…so yeah, I’m in…eventually.

    @optionalplayer: I think Maverick means “nailed it” by “killed it”. Correct me if I’m wrong Maverick…?

  5. Maverickman874’s avatar

    Yeah, Kelly that’s what i meant. Should add that the colorist on issue 3 did a great job. I like Deadpool and Wolverine but agree with you that logan is on too many teams and we can do without Deadpool Corps. and Team up. I guess Team Up is canceled now. Yeah, Kelly definitely get issue 2 and 3. I am surprised you like it. I thought the cast and the violent nature would turn you off.

  6. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Maverick: Well, technically I don’t like it YET because I’m waiting to read it until I get the missing pieces…but I have no problem with violence and like a lot of these characters.

    This often happens to me though, where my frustration with the treatment of female characters and unnecessary/pointless objectification gets translated into not liking violence, swears, naughty sex stuff, etc. As always with me though it’s about context and intention.

    I have no problem with violence especially when done well – i.e. smart, well-considered, deliberate, etc. I feel that way about most subjects actually. For example a female character deliberately objectified in order to make a statement, or in a funny book which is acknowledging what it’s doing? No problems for me. I also can get down for some characters being objectified because it HAS been written into who they are to a degree (Emma Frost! Woop!)…again context and intention! :)

    Another thing that always happens – and I’m not saying you’re saying this – is that people think I have no sense of humor because I take some of these issues seriously. On the contrary I can find all KINDS of things funny – including the objectification of women…but most comics I read are not intended to be funny. And if you’re (creators) taking these things seriously…then so am I! 😉

  7. Brendan T’s avatar

    In addition to a great cover, this issue features the ballsiest ending I’ve read in a superhero comic in…probably years. Just brutal and morally questioning and perfectly handled…absolutely brilliant on every level.

    There’s no second printings for 2 or 3, but one of those ‘must have’ collections is being put out in March. It collects 1-3 for $5 (which is one shy of the $20 hardcover also solicited) so if you can’t find them beforehand, that’s an option as well.

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