3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 009

Head on over to CSBG for the latest episode of 3 Chicks Review Comics, as well as a write up of what’s inside!

Sue, Maddy, and I are also actively looking from some listener feedback – so leave any comments you have in the comments on CSBG if you can.  Feedback is much appreciated!  Thanks all!

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  1. Maciej’s avatar

    I just want to say that you have a loyal listener in Poland! I enjoy the podcast a lot; the reviews are quite in-depth, not just a few sentences stringed together, and the discussions are always interesting. This one I haven’t listened to yet – I keep it for my five-hour train ride tomorrow – but I have a small suggestion: could you make the podcast a little bit louder?

    I listen to you either on my mp3 player or on my mobile, and the street noise is often enough to completely drown you out – and I’m using full volume!

    You’re doing a great job; I definitely hope to hear more from you!

    Z życzeniami dalszych sukcesów,

    (which, of course, was Polish for “with the wishes of further success” ;))

  2. Vantine’s avatar

    Just a few things. First, I always enjoy the criticisms and the points made on 3 Chicks. But, just having finished listening to episode 9, I had a few comments.

    First, let me just say again that I agreed with all the comments, criticisms and points made by all of you. But getting those points out was like pulling teeth. I enjoyed Maddys point about slash fiction, but OMG! lol. It was practically incoherent. On top of that, it was incoherent for roughly a half hour!

    It wasn’t till Sue put in her two cents that the over all point came into focus. I had a similar problem regarding the chat about Vixen which wasn’t as bad, but still was very rambling. While I don’t think you can or should script the show, it might be a good idea to at least have your guests write down their points and rehearse it a bit more before going to air because the rambling thing really does a disservice to the valid and entertaining points that are made.

    Again, I enjoy the sort of coffee talk vibe, but some rehearsing and some tighter editing would really benefit the show. I mean, there could have been another couple topics in the space of that slash fiction topic alone. Perhaps part of the problem is that the show is too long? Not picking on anyone, just sayin, a bit more professionalism in the delivery would really benefit the show a lot. Just mentioned it because it’s something that with the last few shows in particular, has gotten progressively more noticable.

  3. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    @Maciej: Thank you so much – it’s so exciting to have fans in awesome far away places – especially since I never get to go anywhere. Thanks for listening!

    @Vantine: I completely agree. I think part of the problem, with this episode especially, was that the topic was too large and unwieldy for a 20 to 30 minute discussion. Additionally, and not intended as an excuse, but just as critical thinking as to why things might have gone a bit wrong, as I mentioned at the beginning of the show, I was ill, which really affected my ability to kind of control and guide the episode as we recorded it and when I went to edit it (still ill) I found that there was no way to chop it up and still have it make sense.

    It’s definitely something we’re working on. But please stick with us – we’re only 9 episodes in and still learning as none of us has ever done a regular podcast before.

    We are also in a place where we are actively calling for feedback from listeners – as I mentioned in the comments here:


    So I appreciate your feedback.

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